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How to improve the lithium battery energy density, improve lithium battery energy density method

by:dcfpower     2020-10-08

the advent of lithium ion battery can say is a great innovation in the field of energy storage technology, the widespread use of lithium ion battery completely changed our daily life, and the intelligent mobile phone, notebook computer, long life of new energy electric vehicles, and so on, our daily life has been associated with lithium-ion batteries tightly together, can't believe that if we lose such as lithium ion batteries, convenient and quick, efficient energy storage battery after our daily life.

with the continuous development of lithium ion battery technology development, we also proposed on the performance of lithium ion batteries with higher regulation, we hope that the lithium ion battery are smaller, lighter, more energy storage, these demands are also driving the lithium ion battery research and analysis work forward. From the cell structure and the adoption of new material, new systems, technical professional lithium battery pack researchers continuous try various methods to improve the lithium ion battery energy density method.

the first lithium battery pack energy density increased methods: cell structure design

of lithium ion battery than the energy from the structure, to promote is the cathode active material in the proportion of lithium-ion batteries. Lithium ion batteries is mainly composed of the cathode active material, diaphragm, copper foil, aluminum foil and shell and structural parts, among which can really only active material for lithium ion battery capacity, so promote active material in lithium ion battery of bizet is the most efficient way to improve lithium ion battery.

the second kind of method to improve energy density of lithium-ion batteries: is the choice of the cathode active material

as we request to improve the energy density of lithium ion battery, traditional lithium-ion batteries have been unable to meet our demand, at this time we want to 1, to improve the working voltage of lithium ion batteries; 2, improve the capacity of anode materials are.

the third method to improve energy density of lithium-ion batteries: improving the structure of the material design

you can choose high capacity anode materials. 1. Now is very popular, high density of graphene materials. 2. Lithium metal anode materials or and silicon anode materials

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