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How to judge the car battery to the change, prolong the service life of battery tips

by:dcfpower     2020-12-13

in most cases, the regular maintenance free batteries offer conversion cycle time is 3 - The appearance of five years. Car the actual use period of lithium-ion batteries and battery quality, working environment temperature, the condition of vehicles, traffic, the driver's life habits have inseparable relations, application is in order can extend battery life. If so, how to determine the battery need changing? Let's look at how to judge the car battery to the change, prolong the service life of battery battery tips.

how to judge the car battery this change?

the first warning signs if appearance also is to have a look at the battery,

although the appearance of the battery, it identifies the service life of the basic it is also can be in 27 months, but for each person, their actual application year is basic it is completely different, therefore except to 27 months as a standard to judge the situation, so for intuitive a situation, we are directly depends on the appearance of the battery, therefore the normal application of battery. The external circumstances. 也是不会有任何的某些变化,假如产生问题的情况下,这样的话针对外表上面就会呈现弯曲变形鼓出来的现象







5 point battery failure warning lights flashing

if the vehicle is started after testing, car dashboard flashed on a similar & other; Battery & throughout; Warning lamp, the paper said battery battery power is low, already arrived to changing circumstances, this time the best choice to check the conversion battery car maintenance shop as soon as possible.

how to extend the service life of battery?

1。 Always keep the battery clean

we should always keep the battery clean, timely cleaning dust, sand, on the battery terminals and line head of metal oxide, add liquid electrolyte, always maintain its clean, prevent the discharge happens on its own. Remember to turn off the lights after parking and other vehicle navigation electricity equipment

2. Stall don't be a long time after application of electrical equipment

in the absence of charging battery in & other; Dry consumption & throughout; Status, its electric capacity cuts is likely to lead to the vehicle cannot be started, and excessive discharge in automotive battery nature has a lot of damage.

3。 Flame-out after turn off the lights, pull the external equipment

now automotive external equipment is becoming more and more additional electricity equipment increases the storage battery in nature.

4。 Don't be a long time or frequency of ignition

every time when you start the engine, the ignition time shoulds not be more than 3 seconds, if the engine is started for the first time, failure frequency don't bother ignition repeatedly, should be apart of the 15 seconds after the ignition again.

routine work in the travel, car maintenance of the storage battery is vital, proposed owners must be more careful.

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