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How to maintain polymer batteries?

by:dcfpower     2021-03-23

Polymer battery, also known as polymer lithium battery pack, lithium polymer battery. It is a rechargeable battery with colloidal polymer as electrolyte. The characteristics of lithium polymer batteries are as follows:

1. There is no battery leakage problem. The battery does not contain liquid electrolyte and uses colloidal solids.

2. Thin battery can be made: its thickness can be as thin as 0.5mm.

3. The battery can be designed into a variety of shapes, and the maximum bendable is about 90°.

4. It can be made into a single high voltage: the battery with liquid electrolyte can only obtain high voltage by connecting several batteries in series, while the polymer battery has no liquid itself and can be made into multiple layers in a single battery Combine to achieve high voltage.

5. The capacity will be twice as high as a lithium battery pack of the same size. The voltage of lithium ion polymer battery is 3.6~3.7V.

As a new battery product obtained from the innovation of lithium-ion batteries, there are some points to pay attention to in the use of lithium polymer batteries. The following describes how to maintain lithium polymer batteries.

First of all, the characteristics of lithium polymer batteries. Compared with lithium ion batteries, lithium polymer batteries have improved the problem of battery leakage, but it has not completely improved. In addition, the lithium polymer battery can be made into an ultra-thin battery. The thickness of 0.5mm can reach the capacity of 3.6V400 mAh, and the discharge capacity of the lithium polymer battery is 10% higher than that of the traditional lithium ion battery.

In daily use, as a kind of lithium ion battery, lithium polymer battery is often afraid of short internal battery, short external battery, and overcharge. The reason is that the chemical nature of lithium is very active. When the battery is discharged and charged, the interior of the battery will continue to heat up. When the temperature is too high, a brand new Santana may explode.

Therefore, when using the battery, try to be careful not to overcharge or over discharge, that is, use the battery smoothly and plannedly. Don't let the battery run out easily, and don't charge it for too long while charging. Time (generally less than 8 hours is the most appropriate).

The above is an introduction to the maintenance methods of polymer batteries. In addition, if you want to maintain the power of the lithium polymer battery, it is best to completely discharge it every month and then recharge it again, which will help the battery maintain the power and have a longer service life.

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