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How to maintain polymer battery? Here is the 'Sunflower Collection' for polymer battery maintenance

by:dcfpower     2021-03-23

When charging the polymer battery, please create a safe charging environment. The charger and open flame may catch fire and ignite the battery. How to maintain polymer battery? Let’s look through this 'Sunflower Book' of polymer battery maintenance.

Please charge the polymer battery within 0-45 degrees Celsius; pay attention to charging directly on flammable materials, or directly in model airplanes or model cars. At any time, polymer battery charging can not overheat the battery cells. When the temperature of polymer battery cells reaches 60 degrees Celsius, there will be a very big safety hazard.

Do not overcharge (each battery cell is fully charged and needs to be stored for a long time, and the voltage should be controlled at about 3.8-3.9V to ensure the stability of the polymer battery.

Please place the battery in the child. Do not over-discharge (the voltage of each cell after discharge is not less than 2.75V). Over-discharge may damage the polymer battery. Damaged the polymer battery.

Do not put the polymer battery near liquid, and do not store the battery in a humid environment; do not put the polymer battery near an open flame or heater Wait for the source of the goods.

Do not assemble polymer batteries privately. The electrical behavior of old batteries is dangerous and easy to cause short-circuit burning. Do not reverse the positive and negative poles to avoid Short circuit.

Please carefully check the battery voltage and capacity before charging or use. For batteries that are not in use for a long time, please ensure that the charging and discharging point is activated once within 3 months. Maintain the stability of the battery. If there is a collision during use, please remove the battery.

Please carefully check whether the battery and the connector are normal, just in case. When removing Please pay attention to safety: the battery at this time may be hot and hot! Do not directly touch the leaking battery; do not splash the electrolyte into your eyes or skin. If you accidentally splash it, please wash it with clean water immediately. Seek medical attention immediately.

Do not arbitrarily disassemble the battery or change the wiring. Do not use the battery that has been swollen or leaked. When the battery swells or leaks, the inside of the battery A chemical reaction has occurred and the performance of the polymer battery has deteriorated. At this time, charging and discharging the battery may cause further swelling of the battery and the possibility of burning. So in the case of swelling or leakage of the battery, please do not continue Please don’t use it after charging and discharging. The correct way is to pack the battery in a plastic bag or a package resistant to alkali and acid corrosion, and hand it over to a professional battery recycling company for recycling.

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