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How to maintain the car's starting battery

by:dcfpower     2021-02-27
18650 lithium battery pack manufacturers, the main electronic products are lithium iron phosphate batteries, car starting batteries, UPS lithium batteries, 18650 lithium ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries. Let's briefly talk about the causes of damage to the car's starting battery?    Daily maintenance knowledge of the car's starting battery-what are the reasons for the early damage of the car's starting battery? u003cpu003eu003c/pu003e   If the lithium battery is not well maintained It is easy to cause early damage. The main reasons for the early damage of the car starting lithium battery are as follows:   ⑥ The electrolyte level is lower than the electrode plate, so that the exposed part is vulcanized.  ③ Excessive charging current will cause the active material on the electrode plate to fall off faster.  ⑤ It is stored or used for a long time under the condition of insufficient charging to promote the vulcanization of the electrode plate.  ④ The starting time is too long, causing the lithium battery to discharge rapidly, causing the electrode plate to bend and the active material to crack.  ② The fixing is unreliable, and the vehicle vibrates violently during driving, causing the rubber seal, shell and cover to crack.  ⑧ When using a lithium battery under low temperature conditions in winter, if it is not charged in time after discharge, the electrolyte density is too low and freezes, causing the active material to fall off.  ① If the size of the pole pile and the chuck are not the same, if the installation is too loose, the contact will be poor, and it will not work properly; if the installation is too tight, the pole will be easily damaged by violent prying during disassembly.  ⑦ The electrolyte contains impurities, mainly impure distilled water is added, or metal containers such as copper and iron are used when adding the electrolyte, which is mixed with magazines. These impurities will form a 'small battery' in the lithium battery to cause partial self-discharge; or the electrolyte is spilled on the lid of the lithium battery, which makes the positive and negative poles conduct, causing the lithium battery pack to discharge by itself, and the lithium battery pack cannot hold the electricity. . The above content is to introduce the ‘Daily Maintenance Knowledge of Car Starter Battery’ in daily life when using lithium batteries to prevent the above situations to avoid the phenomenon that causes early damage to lithium batteries. u003c/pu003e
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