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How to quickly customize lithium ion battery and lithium battery custom - must pay attention to Shenzhen battery

by:dcfpower     2020-11-19

how to quickly customize lithium-ion battery pack, lithium battery custom must also pay attention to? pack in the aspect of application is becoming more and more refined into different areas, such as consumer electronics, lithium-ion batteries manufacturing class lithium battery, communication device class lithium batteries, power lithium batteries, lithium batteries energy storage technology, etc. The enterprise products need different therefore match the using performance of lithium-ion batteries will have very big different, we must build kind of lithium-ion battery pack what aspects need to pay attention to? Follow our lithium battery manufacturer - today Small make up take a look at! !

a custom, lithium battery must be exactly which several main parameters?

1。 Clear the specifications of the rechargeable battery, and style, be helpful for the lithium battery manufacturers in product research and development and the conception of smaller categories.

2。 Must check the input and output port of lithium-ion batteries is what

3. Must check is lithium battery IP level of waterproof, dustproof and fixed method of lithium battery, at the same time also need to fully consider the is how to quickly install the lithium battery pack, does this some will has great significance to the design of lithium battery pack

4. Put the size of a lithium-ion battery, this one will interfere with the storage facilities lithium-ion battery pack can do much, before the development space of the most appropriate customized lithium battery pack before communication lithium battery manufacturer, in order to prevent may lead to different his ideal and reality very large conditions

5. Must know in advance is expected to customize the service life of lithium batteries, lithium iron battery life is usually two thousand times cycle

6. Must know that machines uninterrupted period of work for long time, it is because it will be closely related to order the clear the storage capacity of lithium-ion battery pack specifications

7. We have similar motor class to form a complete set of machinery and equipment in the lithium electricity facilities must also know when start the perceptual load moment output power is how much

8. This is because the working voltage of the lithium battery pack is not a fixed value is a very wide scope, to ensure that the machinery and equipment to undertake the work of matching voltage value

2, custom lithium-ion battery pack process all the time in general within two weeks.

on the first day, we to carry out the regulation of listed corporate clients review committee member, the following sample (s) to quote, the price after the success of the party a and party b both sides talks to develop customized product project.

day 2: for the enterprise products lithium-ion battery model selection and power circuit of the space structure of ideas.

3 days: all design good after a long time to carry out the trial product processing production.

4 days: surveying and regulating function module at the beginning of success. :

5 days to carry out the performance of lithium-ion battery pack with high and low temperature test, inspection cycle.

on the sixth day, functional testing, packaging, delivery of the goods. success in two weeks, the whole process.

three, lithium battery pack custom must pay special attention to the matters needing attention of

lithium battery pack pack customize different mass production enterprise products, are specially for different enterprise products to carry out the separate product development and design, therefore in the process of the whole, must pay the corresponding fees ( Usually involves open mold fee, service development, enterprise product proofing fee, etc. )

2) The length of the product development period, product research and development period is directly related to the enterprise product in the new period, usually the lithium battery pack is customized product development period in 30 days or so, and rapid product development channels, the company product that usually do not need to open mold proofing time can be shortened to two weeks

- that is lithium ion battery manufacturer Small make up sharing & other; How to quickly customize lithium ion battery and lithium battery custom must also note what & throughout; 。 Technology was founded in 2001, is specialized in product research and development of hydride and lithium-ion batteries, intelligence, nimh batteries is dominant revised national standard units, and participate in the development of a number of national standard lithium battery industry. Companies specializing in providing rechargeable battery design customization, and professional power solutions. Service enterprise customers throughout Europe and America, southeast Asia and domestic. Shenzhen focus on lithium ion battery, nickel metal hydride rechargeable battery production 19 years, rechargeable batteries industry leading source manufacturing integration of manufacturers, in rechargeable battery product research and development design, consultation, installation, testing, and after-sales service and so on each link to be able to bring the latest and the most appropriate service for the user.

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