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How to repair old laptop battery capacity and usage time

by:dcfpower     2021-03-23
The biggest feature of notebooks is mobility, but if the battery is not powerful, mobility becomes 'empty talk'. It's a long time to use it, and the battery life has dropped significantly. The original battery life of more than 4 hours may now be only 1 hour. Although the battery can be replaced, it is not good to spend money. In fact, with the help of battery monitoring and correction software, you can repair the battery life for free ability. In order to repair the battery life of the old book, I chose the BatteryMon battery tool. The method of use is very simple. First, download the BatteryMon software online and make sure that the battery is fully charged. Because the software works better under XP, it is recommended that Win7 users refit to XP system. After all, it is worthwhile to spend some time in order to exert the power of battery life. With the AC adapter connected, run the 'Power Options' in the control panel, and then select 'Maximum Battery Mode' under 'Battery Usage PlanUnplug the AC adapter, click the 'Battery Information IconWhen you notice a significant decrease in battery capacity, for example, the design capacity is 6300mAh but the current capacity is only 3000mAh or less. At this time, it is recommended to discharge and repair the battery, but if the current display capacity is 5000mAh or more, you can consider repairing it for a while. Click the 'Start' button to perform the discharge test. At this time, you can see the decrease curve of the battery in the coordinates, where the ordinate indicates the percentage of the current battery remaining capacity, and the abscissa indicates the battery usage time. The discharge rate on the left shows when the battery is saturated The maximum length of time that can be used. In this way, keep the notebook on and discharge until the consumption is completed and shut down. Then the battery is fully charged again, and the discharge process is repeated more than 3 times. I personally tested it. After 3 discharge tests, the author’s The battery capacity of the old notebook has been significantly improved, from the original 690 mAh (20 minutes of battery life) to 2287 mAh (the original capacity of 3600 mAh), and the battery life has reached about 2 hours, which is really a delight to see.u003cpu003eu003c/p u003eu003c/pu003e
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