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How to store lithium batteries

by:dcfpower     2021-02-20
Because of its large capacity and no memory effect, lithium batteries are used in more and more fields, so how should they be stored under what environmental conditions? 1. Lithium primary battery Also called primary lithium battery. It can be discharged continuously or intermittently. Once the electricity is exhausted, it can no longer be used. This kind of battery is widely used in low-power electronic products. The self-discharge of lithium primary batteries is very low, and can be stored for 3 years, and the effect will be better if stored under refrigerated conditions. It is a good way to store lithium primary batteries in a cold place. Note: Lithium primary batteries are different from lithium-ion batteries. Lithium primary batteries cannot be charged and charging is very dangerous! 2. Lithium ion batteries are also called secondary lithium batteries. It can be stored for more than half a year at 20°C. This is because its self-discharge rate is very low and most of its capacity can be recovered. The self-discharge phenomenon of lithium batteries, if the battery voltage is kept below 3.6V for a long time, it will cause the battery to over discharge and destroy the internal structure of the battery and reduce the battery life. Therefore, long-term storage of lithium batteries should be recharged every 3 to 6 months, that is, charged to a voltage of 3.8 to 3.9V (the best storage voltage of lithium batteries is about 3.85V), and it is appropriate to maintain the discharge depth at 40%-60% , Should not be full. The battery should be stored in a dry environment at 4℃~35℃ or in moisture-proof packaging. Keep away from heat sources and do not place in direct sunlight. When the lithium battery pack was first bought, there was only a little electricity in it. This is because the storage performance of the lithium battery is an important parameter to measure the stability of the overall performance of the battery. The lithium battery pack manufacturer will store the newly produced lithium battery for a certain period of time. Let it be sold out of the factory. This is to stabilize the electrochemical performance of the internal components of the lithium battery in order to ensure the quality of the battery. So everyone has to charge before use. Warm reminder: u003cpu003e1. Lithium batteries should be kept at 50%-60% state of charge if they are not used for a long time. They should be supplemented every 3 months and charged and discharged every six months. 2. In the process of transportation, pay attention to moisture-proof, moisture-proof, avoid extrusion, collision, etc., to avoid battery damage. 3. It is forbidden to use or place the battery under high temperature (in the hot sun or in a very hot car), otherwise it may cause the battery to overheat, catch fire or function failure, and shorten its life. 4. It is forbidden to store in strong static electricity and strong magnetic field, otherwise it is easy to damage the battery safety protection device and bring hidden dangers of insecurity. 5. If the battery emits peculiar smell, heat, discoloration, deformation, or any abnormality during use, storage, or charging, immediately remove the battery from the device or charger and stop using it. 6. Waste batteries should be covered with insulating paper to prevent fire and explosion. u003c/pu003eu003c/pu003e
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