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How to tell if the phone battery is damaged

by:dcfpower     2021-03-25
It is said that the batteries of today's smart devices are not durable, but in addition to being not durable, there are many things that everyone ignores, that is the health of mobile phone batteries. The battery can be said to be a key component of all digital devices, not just to say that it is battery life Power, and the safety of the entire device is based on it. How to judge whether a mobile phone battery is safe is also very important. If you are not careful, you may not have a mobile phone but a grenade. How do we observe the battery of a mobile phone? The first and easiest way is to observe the appearance of the battery. If the battery of your mobile phone can be removed, it is more convenient. If you find that the battery appears white or green with similar corrosion marks, then you must Be careful, this is the initial stage of the battery failure, and if your battery has a bulge in a certain part, then you must be careful and never use it. The aging bulge of the battery is not formed in an instant, but slowly. If you want to eliminate this hidden danger, you can check whether your battery will bulge in the early stage. You can find a horizontal surface and rotate the battery. , If the battery rotates very fast, then you must be careful at this time, because the surface of the battery is already uneven at this time. There is also the use of mobile phone software to check whether the battery is safe. Many mobile phones have built-in batteries. This is a more convenient detection method. The Android and Apple systems have their own special detection methods. You can check it out. The last thing to remind is It is best not to use non-original batteries, data cables and chargers for mobile phones, as these are potential safety hazards. u003c/pu003e
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