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Huawei mobile phone charging method correctly, charge need to shut down

by:dcfpower     2020-10-30

the huawei smartphone on the market so far most basic are lithium-ion batteries, course also covers the glory huawei mobile phone, a lot of people don't think huawei mobile phone charging should be used fully electric charge again, or go to bed at night is always charging to the sun, but the actual is the charging method and so on the dangers of mobile phone battery life has a particularly big! Correct way of charging method should be to increase the most suitable position of mobile phone battery life, this is like a man, a full kui, cell phone charged with power but also always is bad for mobile phones. That here we look at huawei mobile phone charging method correctly, charging need to turn it off?

nowadays more and more friends mostly group co. , LTD. A mobile phone charger, the bedroom the head of a bed in the room a cell phone charger, car phone charger, charging even though this is very convenient, but not original mobile phone charger, damage to the cell phone battery is also big, cause the cell phone battery full status, careful friends will find that sometimes clear is already full of mobile phone, but no long time, phone warm remind low power, that's the beauty of mobile phone batteries full.

this is even, different cell phone batteries, also have their own way of charging method, according to the instruction for use of mobile phones to correct for charging the mobile phone, can improve the life of the cell phone.

glory huawei mobile phone charging right method

1. Amount was two hundred percent ~ 80% is the longest service life of mobile phone battery, mobile phone after charging nine hundred percent will ease the charging rate, so don't wait until when huawei mobile phone no electricity to charge, at the same time also need not per charge to one thousand percent, but the actual charge is 80 - Nine hundred percent is ok, everybody knows, the person is the most suitable living habits eat much food less, don't eat every meal myself sick, but the actual is huawei smartphone charging, personal advice & other; Eat much food less & throughout; 。

2。 Full of, will be charging power less than two hundred percent, to nine hundred percent can unplug the phone charger, the most suitable don't with mobile phone charger, cell phone charge also always avoid leakage, in addition to pay more attention to, don't let children touch

3. Please do not sit idle for a long time, should give a full charge discontinuity. Hand back the captain time don't have to/no charge, the battery will be completely unused, can cause abnormal charging or can't charge.

4。 Please avoid placing the phone on the ultra-low temperature, continuous high temperature or temperature difference is bigger ring a condition, otherwise easy to damage cell phone battery service life. Please try to reduce ZhiYong at charging mobile phone, please use the original phone charger for the battery.

to huawei mobile phone charge need to shut down it

don't must be turned off. Note: when charging at ordinary times as far as possible the use of original mobile phone charger and data cables, don't wait until low battery status for the battery, as far as possible along with filling, in order to enhance the service life of batteries. Battery is full after removed the type of mobile phone charger cable - immediately C interface, avoid long time charging, otherwise may damage the battery or and shorten the life of mobile phone charger. Huawei smartphone matching is lithium battery pack, lithium battery pack has virtually no memory effect, also do not need to activate, several times without charge and discharge.

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