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Illustration of aeromodelling lithium batteries in series and parallel

by:dcfpower     2021-03-24

Currently, the latest model airplane battery is a polymer lithium battery. Generally speaking, the finished products of lithium batteries are battery packs, which can only meet the actual application requirements after being combined in series and parallel. In the model industry batteries, these use radio-controlled batteries to drive model aircraft with the highest power-to-weight ratio, which is the main reason for the success and popularity of electric remote control aircraft. However, compared with the nickel-cadmium batteries that we are all used to, they are different. These lithium batteries cannot be charged with Ni-Cd battery chargers for aeromodelling batteries. Only use the RC battery charger specially designed for lithium batteries. If these airplane batteries are used improperly, it may cause a fire! Before charging, be sure to remove the polymer lithium battery from the airplane and put it in a fireproof area.

The nominal voltage rating of a single polymer lithium battery pack is 3.7 volts. The batteries can be connected together to form a battery pack, which can be configured in series or in parallel. If the battery shown in the figure below is 2100mAh, the voltage of the battery in series (4S) will be 3.7V x 4 batteries u003d 14.8V. The lithium battery shown in the parallel configuration (4P) will have a voltage of 3.7V and a capacity of 2100mAhx4 battery u003d 8400mAh.

As shown in the figure above, the series of the battery pack is called 4S, and the parallel connection is called 4P. The numbers indicate the number of units, and the letters indicate series (S) or parallel (P). If the series battery pack is doubled and connected in parallel, it will be called a 4S2P battery pack with a voltage of 14.8V and a capacity of 4200mAh. (2100 x 2 u003d 4200 mAh)

Another number you will encounter when discussing polymer lithium batteries is the 'C' level. This represents the magnification of the model airplane battery. For example, you might encounter 20C. The capacity is usually expressed as mAh (milliampere hour), assuming that a 1000mAh battery can provide 1A in one hour. If the same battery has a rated temperature of 20°C, it can provide up to 20 times the capacity of 1 ampere, that is, up to 20 amperes can flow. However, it can only provide electricity for 3 minutes (1Ahx60 / 20 u003d 3 minutes). If the rated temperature of the polymer lithium battery is 30C, the current can be as high as 30 times (30A), but the duration drops to 2 minutes (1Ahx60 / 30 u003d 2 minutes). In terms of batteries, maintaining good usage habits is a good idea Phenomenon, and the battery used is about half of the claimed C-class. The risk of damaging the battery is greatly reduced, and the number of recharges will increase, that is, the life will be longer.

You can make your own battery packs in parallel or series. But you must be able to solder and keep the circuits separate from each other! A short circuit can cause great damage to the battery! Another point when manufacturing batteries is that the series battery pack can have batteries of different voltages, but the capacity must be the same. For parallel battery packs, the voltage must be the same, but the capacity can vary.

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