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Imports of 18650 and domestic 18650 lithium batteries

by:dcfpower     2020-10-26

when we choose to buy batteries, I believe that most people are will feel foreign things more. We buy 18650 lithium battery pack is not exceptional also, of course, more inclined to buy imported 18650 lithium batteries. Has a big difference between imported and domestic, there are obvious disadvantages, here we take a look at the import of 18650 and domestic 18650 lithium batteries the difference.

18650 imported and domestic 18650 lithium batteries difference

1. Domestic and imported 18650 lithium batteries: low temperature discharge performance is not the same as

under the environment of low temperature, domestic 18650 lithium battery pack batteries is no way to drive the machine working, the imported lithium battery may in this relatively is relatively bad, still can drive the machine to carry out the work. Although work long time will not special, but this phase is relative to the domestic battery, still more outstanding and clear.

2。 Domestic and imported 18650 lithium batteries: storage capacity is not the same as

is the storage capacity of the above differences between each other is relatively big difference, the general would be about 1200 ma lithium battery pack storage capacity, but foreign can breakthrough the limit reached to five thousand ma.

3。 Domestic and imported 18650 lithium batteries: production environment is not the same as

from the direction of the production and manufacturing, general import and domestic relative is relatively close to the battery voltage 10 day, after conducting a full charge will conduct accelerated testing, after testing, the import of battery voltage remains unchanged, and domestic battery will happen for the most part is relatively big difference, and the emergence of such differences will usually make short battery life time is reduced, in the process of the discharge, also easy to cause the danger of the fire hidden trouble. So the manufacturing the above differences, is likely to be everybody in chooses import lithium battery pack is the most main reason.

4。 Domestic and imported 18650 lithium batteries: life is not the same as

the service life of the battery itself is the shortest length that batteries to depend on, and homebred 18650 lithium battery if production time is the same brand to carry out the production, but also different batches, so life is also relatively large differences, import battery, for the most part, to be able to keep life.

5。 Domestic and imported 18650 lithium batteries: the vibration amplitude of big resistance is not the same as

general vibration resistance of the battery performance test is ninety minutes, up and down again after such a test, we will find import battery didn't too obvious change in performance. And domestic battery has five hundred percent have taken place in the internal circuit, so that a direct can't use, the remaining five hundred percent with 20% internal resistance is too big and there is no way to use, but in a battery pack, even if the above said as long as there is a battery happen, don't have a way to again use the whole battery pack, so from the vibration performance, foreign cells is more excellent than domestic, so this is the difference between domestic and imported 18650 lithium batteries.

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