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In the process of using analytical lithium battery 10 big questions

by:dcfpower     2020-11-13

everyone is more or less in the process of lithium battery is there are a lot of doubt, that today we are battery manufacturer to summarizes 10 common question for everybody, today we will come to you to solve, then today we take a look at 10 big questions in the process of lithium battery pack.

common lithium battery USES 10 big questions

1, the new lithium battery pack how to use? Is first quick charge or battery? How to charge and discharge? Factory Settings has been activated, and battery quick charge first, everything can be normal use.

2, new batteries used at the beginning, working voltage imbalance, charge and discharge, after a few back to normal again, what is the problem? The key is due to individual batteries in the battery pack though is good match, but there will still be self-discharge is different on the individual differences of new battery from factory to the customer, usually have more than 3 months time, during this time monomer batteries will due to the different of self-discharge show the different working voltage, the working voltage of the battery pack difference bigger ( The unbalanced) ; Due to the battery chargers are on the market at present stage has the function of fast charging stable equilibrium, so the usual imbalance will pass battery charger quick fix.

3, lithium electricity should what was in the regional environment of storage? The shade air dry storage area environment, room temperature 15 35 ℃, relative humidity 65% air

4, lithium electricity can use how long? A: how many cycle usually everything is all right can use? What factors affect life sustain? Rc aircraft lithium electricity can usually use 100 times or so, the key factors influencing the life: 1. The environment temperature, the battery cannot be used in the overheated areas environment or deposit ( 35℃) ; 2. Charge and discharge, battery quick charging and battery charging not excessive, shall ensure that the single batteries 4 working voltage. 2 - 3. Work between 0 v, the big electric current continues to rise in the working voltage shall ensure in 3. More than 4 v. 3. Selects the rated power for aircraft, avoid situations make use of the stack in the overload.

5, the new lithium electricity need to activate MAO? If you do not activate will have an effect? Don't have to activate, new battery from factory to the customer, usually have more than 3 months time, the battery will be always in a dormant state, not suitable for do high strength battery charging immediately, otherwise will affect the efficiency and life span of the battery should be.

6, the new battery, charger not into electricity is what tableland for? Zero electric batteries, battery internal resistance, battery charger mode is not correct.

7, lithium battery pack C number represents what mean? “ C” As symbols of battery capacity, is the symbol of the working current & other; I” Is the same meaning, & other; C number & throughout; Represents what we call the ratio of that battery can work on basic nominal capacity of the size of the working current, 2200 mah20c, for example, 20 c logo all the battery can be normal work of the working current of 2200 ma & times; 20=44000mA; 20 c battery box 44000 ma working current of battery for battery charging.

8, lithium batteries better save working voltage is how many? Usually battery charge to factory Settings? Only working voltage in 3. 70 - 3. Between 90 v, usually factory Settings will take 30 - 60% of the electricity consumption

9 how much pressure difference between single batteries and battery is normal? Rated pressure difference is the how to do? Manufacture date within one month of the new battery in 30 mv is 0. Placed about 3 v is normal, long battery pack more than 3 months above, in the 100 mv is 0. 1 v can be used more than the rated pressure difference of the battery pack can be used with balance function for 2 - smart charger Three small current ( 1A) Charge and discharge cycle, can repair most of the pressure difference is often the battery pack.

10 a full battery, can you for a long time not to use? I can do that but lithium batteries to put for a long time will be turned into a dormant state, then the battery life will be greatly reduced. So as far as possible in the case of not to use, a month or two a charger, ensure the service life of the battery capacity in the future.

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