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In the summer heat using lithium-ion battery pack

by:dcfpower     2020-10-08

from the hot summer began gradually, environment temperature rising rapidly, it really can't stand it. In addition to high temperature of the hot summer, this is also a rainy season. In the face of high temperature and rainy hot summer, people basically can't stand, more need not say more lithium ion battery, is worried that high temperature and worry about rainy days. Hot summer use lithium battery pack, in addition to using the original lithium battery charger, what other considerations should also be taken? Today we take a look at high temperature using lithium battery using the matters needing attention in the summer.

the first, try to speak lithium batteries placed in ventilated breathe freely environment

hot summer when using, should pay attention to the safety of lithium-ion batteries. Considering the weather conditions are relatively hot, has been in the process of using batteries, so the battery safety is a big problem, easy to cause the battery fire. You must pay attention to the ventilation and heat dissipation battery, prevent battery exposed under the sun.

second, do not charge in a high temperature environment

lithium battery pack operating in high temperature season when charging too much. Temperature rise will increase the activity of each active substance, response will be fully and clearly at the same time, the causes of rapid response speed during charging, the charging current and high temperature and high during the required low battery voltage.

third, try to avoid battery water

if the water into the battery compartment, are likely to directly cause the positive and negative short circuit. The most is the consequences of mild damage to the battery, and one of the most obvious consequence will directly cause the battery short-circuit, combustion and even explode. Don't let the lithium battery exposed outside in rain weather.

4, under the guidance of technical assembly

lithium battery assembly is a technology professional behavior. The most suitable with the help of technical guidance or technical professionals to carry out the assembly.

5, don't empty storage

lithium batteries are not allowed in the absence of electricity storage. If the lithium battery pack is not suitable for very short time to apply, please send the battery to five hundred percent or more in storage, and every 30 days on a single battery charge.

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