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Industrial robot battery maintenance and replacement method

by:dcfpower     2020-10-15

intelligent robot overall specific have nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries, battery and lead acid storage battery of the three, the intelligent robot battery you choose well, it depends on what type of intelligent robot is, at present there are large and medium-sized intelligent robot and intelligent robot AI service robot, children's toys, sports competition robot intelligent robots and search for intelligent robot, etc. We mainly want to tell today industrial robot battery maintenance and replacement method. Good today, we look at the industrial maintenance and replacement method of intelligent robot in this paper.

a: replace the intelligent controller of intelligent robot motherboard battery

intelligent robot programs and systems are stored in the motherboard, the motherboard of lithium battery pack for power supply, to save the data, when the battery voltage becomes lower, the intelligent robot data will not be able to save, the need for the replacement of old batteries, and will reload the original backup data, and the intelligent controller of motherboard battery how change? Today we take a look at replacement method.

1。 Prepare a new section 3 v lithium battery ( It is recommended to use the original battery) 。

2。 Industrial robot joint power starting to normal after, wait for 30 seconds.

3。 Open shut electric industrial robot, intelligent controller cabinet, unplug the connector to remove the old batteries on the main board.

4。 With the new battery, plug connector.

2: industrial robot itself of the battery itself battery

industrial robot itself on the battery is used to store data of each shaft encoder. Batteries need to be replaced every year, the battery voltage drop alarm signal. Also allows customers to change the battery. If not replaced immediately, alarm signal will appear. How the industrial robot itself battery replacement? Today we take a look at replacement method.

1。 Keep power, industrial robot according to the machine stop button switch.

2。 Open the lid of the battery, take out the old batteries.

3。 Change new battery, It is recommended to use the original battery) Across the electrodes, pay special attention to don't wrong, There are logo logo) on the lid of the battery 。

4。 Cover the lid of the battery, and screw.

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