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Instructions for the safe use of polymer lithium batteries

by:dcfpower     2021-03-23

When using polymer lithium batteries, rumors about safety or lack of safety abound. Most of them started from the early polymer lithium batteries, as well as the hidden safety hazards caused by the users' lack of certain safety knowledge and operating errors at that time.

An incorrect charger was used, an incorrect voltage cut was used, and the battery was discharged at a level that cannot be supported by the battery pack. With the improvement of chemistry, protection circuits and information, polymer lithium batteries have become a safe and suitable power source. Here are some simple rules to improve safety:

1. Always store the battery in a fireproof container. 2. Always use an appropriate charger specially designed for polymer lithium batteries for charging. 3. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions on the charging and discharging rate of polymer lithium batteries. 4. Always determine whether the polymer lithium battery can be used according to its purpose. 5. Do not overcharge (overcharge) the polymer lithium battery. 6. Do not over-discharge (over-discharge) the polymer lithium battery. 7. Do not use swollen polymer lithium batteries (bulged batteries). 8. Do not use lithium polymer batteries with obvious damage (dents, cracks, etc.). 9. Do not charge the polymer lithium battery pack unattended. 10. Never disassemble or reassemble damaged polymer lithium batteries.

Most accidents involving lithium polymer batteries are the result of not following one of these rules. Know the charger you are using and follow the manufacturer's instructions, they will provide you with a good power source. Charge safely. Use it safely and enhance your experience.

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