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Intelligent robot battery life long? What is the distinguishing feature of intelligent robot battery?

by:dcfpower     2020-11-12

with the coming of the AI, intelligent robot manufacturing industry becomes more and more rapid development. And with the needs of the development of society and the expansion of the intelligent robot main application fields, people more and more is also high to the requirement of intelligent robots. From the beginning of the industrial manipulator to senior and intermediate intelligent robot now intelligent robots, is more and more intelligent. However, all of the intelligent robot escapes the supply of energy, lithium battery pack as kinetic energy sources of intelligent robot, what is the distinguishing feature of intelligent robot battery? At the same time, will also have a lot of friends in comprehensive consider another problem: intelligent robot battery durable? Then this article is to solve the two problems.

what is the distinguishing feature of intelligent robot battery?

before answer what is the distinguishing feature of intelligent robot battery, let's learn about what battery is used for intelligent robot. Nowadays colorful the battery type on the market, for instance, lead-acid battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, nickel-cadmium batteries, lithium batteries, such as nuclear batteries. Cell types may be more, but truly mainstream battery of lithium battery pack. And given the care to the ultra high security, branch lithium polymer battery and lithium battery stood at the top, until now, the intelligent robot battery widely used in lithium batteries on the market.

so what is the distinguishing feature of intelligent robot battery is actually asking what is the distinguishing feature of lithium battery. and liquid lithium ion battery and lithium ion polymer battery. Considering the lithium-ion polymer battery is higher than liquid lithium ion battery safety, intelligent robot manufacturers on the market are more willing to use lithium-ion polymer battery. The following will take a look at the characteristics of lithium ion polymer battery. Below to see what is the distinguishing feature of intelligent robot battery.

what is the distinguishing feature of intelligent robot battery?

1, no battery leakage problem, its inside the battery does not contain a liquid electrolyte, the use of colloidal solids. Batteries can be bending deformation: polymer battery maximum bending around nine hundred.

2, capacity than the same size of lithium ion battery more than doubled. Can be produced by high voltage. And liquid electrolyte battery need to several battery series high voltage, high polymer batteries.

3, can be made from thin cells: with 6 v400mah capacity, its thickness can be thin to 0. 5mm。 Considering itself without liquid, can be made within the single star multilayer combination to achieve high voltage.

4, the battery can be designed into a variety of forms.

intelligent robot battery life long?

intelligent robot battery durable? Believe that the problem is the topic of a lot of people are concerned about. For intelligent robot battery manufacturers, the charged battery durability is important; And in view of the intelligent robot terminal equipment to the user, a large piece of battery as durable as possible. So the intelligent robot battery durability? This article take the concrete numerical value to everyone knows.

battery durable not durable measure is, in fact, the life of the battery. Under international standards, the life of the battery does not come in through the time to describe, but by cycles, which is the full back from computer at a time. Various battery using cycles can have differences, traditional fixed type lead-acid battery is about 500 ~ 600 times, start type lead-acid battery of about 300 ~ 5

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