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Introduction of Lithium Manganese Oxide Battery

by:dcfpower     2021-03-15

Lithium manganate batteries are a type of lithium-ion batteries. For the classification of lithium-ion batteries, because the negative electrode is basically a carbon raw material, the main classification method in the industry is based on the positive electrode material of the lithium battery pack. The so-called lithium manganate battery refers to a battery that uses lithium manganate material for the positive electrode. So, what is lithium manganate? It is produced from EMD (a raw material used as a special material for mercury-free alkaline manganese batteries) and lithium carbonate (also a raw material), with corresponding additives, through the steps of mixing and sintering.

Now, when we talk about lithium manganate, we say that it has a spinel structure. This refers to the crystal shape that it applies to lithium batteries. When lithium manganate is not When applied to lithium batteries, there is also a layered structure. Relatively speaking, the spinel structure is more stable than the layered structure (although based on chemical properties, it seems that the stability of different shapes in geometry can also be thought of), so the spinel structure is still used in practical applications. In addition to lithium manganese oxide, lithium cobalt oxide and ternary lithium battery positive electrodes are also spinel structures, but the spinel structure of lithium manganese oxide is very distinctive compared with its two counterparts, namely: both advantages and disadvantages Very prominent. Its advantages are: low temperature resistance, good rate performance, and easy preparation. The disadvantages are: the material itself is unstable and needs to be mixed with other materials, poor high temperature performance, poor cycle performance, and fast attenuation. These shortcomings of lithium manganate come from the characteristics of manganese. However, due to the widespread existence of manganese, it has obvious cost advantages.

Because the lithium manganate material has such distinctive characteristics, people can use its advantages and suppress its shortcomings to make lithium manganate batteries be used in different fields, usually referred to as Type A and Type B Two applications. Type A refers to power batteries, with emphasis on safety and cycle performance. The requirement is that the reversible capacity is 100~115mAh/g, and 80% capacity can be maintained after 500 cycles. Type B is mainly used in consumer electronics (mobile phones), which is characterized by high capacity. The general requirement is that the reversible capacity is 120 mAh/g, but the cycle performance only requires that the capacity be maintained at 60% after 300 to 500 times. The different performance of these two types of batteries is achieved during the production process. As mentioned earlier, the preparation of lithium manganate is relatively simple. If it is to be processed into a positive electrode suitable for A and B batteries, its additives and operating procedures will be different, and different synthesis methods will be used. Specifically: high temperature solid phase method, melt impregnation method, microwave synthesis method, co-precipitation method, hydrothermal synthesis method, etc. If each preparation method is described in detail, it is a problem of the manufacturing process, here only need to know that there are multiple methods That's it.

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