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Introduction of polymer lithium battery

by:dcfpower     2021-03-23

Polymer lithium battery is a type of lithium battery pack. The charging and discharging functions of lithium rechargeable batteries rely on movement between the positive and negative electrodes. During charging and discharging, lithium ions are charged into the positive and negative electrodes; lithium battery materials are usually contained in lithium positive electrodes or negative electrode materials through electrolytes, and are representative of high-energy batteries that have emerged in recent years.

Polymer lithium battery is special because the electrolyte of polymer lithium battery is different from other conventional lithium battery. Conventional lithium batteries use liquid electrolytes and polymer lithium batteries use new solid electrolytes. But the positive electrode material used is the same as the negative electrode material. The liquid electrolyte of a lithium battery can be replaced by a solid electrolyte. This is a polymer lithium battery, and they can be made into any shape. A traditional light-weight shell is used on the battery box, and the energy of the entire battery is manipulated by a density steel or aluminum shell battery, and an aluminum-plastic composite film. Therefore, the polymer lithium battery is composed of a high polymer solid electrolyte, and the cost far exceeds the liquid electrolyte lithium battery. Currently, it is used for smart devices, mobile phones, tablet computers, and aircraft models, car models, drones, etc. and wearable devices. Use one of the batteries.

Polymer lithium batteries need to pay attention to short-circuit conditions. Polymer lithium batteries are prone to short-circuits during charging. Including: internal short circuit, external short circuit, etc. However, most lithium-ion batteries now have short-circuit protection and wiring. In many cases, this protection circuit may not work under various conditions, and can only play a limited role in preventing short-circuits in the wires. .

Polymer lithium battery, if the charging time is too long, the possibility of swelling will increase. The chemical properties of lithium are very aggressive and easy to burn. During the activation process, the internal pressure of the battery increases to a certain pressure level and the generated gas expands. If the shell is scratched, it will burst. There are leaks, fires and even explosions. Because high production requirements make it difficult to clean the polymer electrolyte system, the cost is relatively high.

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