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Introduction to bluetooth speakers battery replacement method

by:dcfpower     2020-11-07

you buy bluetooth stereo use in our daily life for a long time after the notice is becoming more and more without using batteries, how long didn't listen to the song of the power went out, the second time to buy audio sound before feel too wasteful, this time why don't you sound will be removed on the upgrading of sound can be normal use after retrofit, the following introduce how to use the cell phone battery don't apply on the bluetooth stereo. To the resource recycling, and can have the effect of ecological environmental protection, and also very practical. The bluetooth speakers in the battery capacity is that true? Today with everyone lithium battery pack manufacturer to take a look at the bluetooth speakers of battery capacity is true or not? Bluetooth speakers and the battery replacement method.

a bluetooth speakers, battery capacity is really

1, we certainly prefer bluetooth speakers battery life, so in the regulation of battery capacity on demand will be high some, but many vendors in order to seek higher sales, in the production of the battery, may be the capacity of the battery to high standard, namely qi, also is a lot of the time we in the use of time will feel life is not nearly as parameters on the numerical;

2, if not open the packaging or test cases, how to just can know the battery capacity battery life may be really? This time points can be according to the label of some parameters to calculate the actual situation, like 500 ma and 800 ma bluetooth speakers, its battery life in general has 3 to 5 hours, if not, then it's battery capacity is virtual target, we can according to the battery life.

3, there is a kind of bluetooth speaker battery is empty mark method, using parameters marked on the use of time if & times; Device and then remove the battery voltage, power will be able to get battery capacity, so let's in bluetooth speakers have time to buy this to calculate the size of the battery.

2, how to replace the bluetooth speaker battery

1, the battery in the use of electrical products after the time is long, will become not how after use, greatly reduces the work time, this time to buy a speaker is uneconomic, we can buy a battery on the battery;

2, will be at the bottom of the bluetooth stereo up, tore open the mat, you can see the fixed screw, remove the screw out, then use the electric current preheating, sound motherboard lithium battery pack welding down, this time points to a new wire and supporting plug welding welding together;

3, on the other side of the wire welding welding on sound motherboard is negative, with double sided tape will wire fixed to the two ends of the battery cables use adhesive tape cement respectively, the above points can put the motherboard in new batteries, when speakers of sealing cover will be closed, the screw back, and then stick on double sided tape at the bottom of the sound, stick mat back line.

write a conclusion: the above is the battery capacity is about bluetooth speaker really? And how to replace the bluetooth speaker battery is introduced, we at purchase bluetooth speaker's time to pay attention to the capacity of the battery and battery life is real, if it is a virtual target, the product quality problem and certainly not how good.

supplement knowledge: how bluetooth speaker battery voltage?

bluetooth stereo with how much capacity of the battery can be, but the battery voltage is usually 3. 7 v rechargeable batteries, after a full charge voltage is generally not more than 4. 2 v, charging can charge the battery by directly using a mobile phone charger. Because of the relatively small bluetooth stereo for convenient to carry, so the battery capacity is relatively small.

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