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Introduction to lithium battery cathode material is what?

by:dcfpower     2020-09-28

a lot of friend don't know what the anode material was, in fact, lithium battery cathode material is decided the lithium ion battery performance is one of the crucial material, also is at present more and more commercialized in the lithium ion battery key lithium ion source, the use of performance and price Ge directly affects a relatively large for lithium ion batteries. The anode materials key cobalt acid lithium, lithium iron phosphate, lithium manganese acid, ternary material nickel cobalt manganese acid lithium ( NCM) Lithium nickel and cobalt aluminate ( NCA) And so on. Good this paper will tell one what is lithium battery cathode material.

1。 The ternary material ( NCM、NCA)

cobalt acid lithium structure characteristics and triple material is extremely similar lithium cobalt nickel manganese oxide ( LiNixCoyMn1 - x - y02) Alias, such materials in energy density, cycle life, safety performance and the cost can be balance and control. Nickel cobalt manganese three elements of different configuration will bring material is not the same as the use of performance: the nickel composition ascension will enhance the capacity of the materials, but can make the circulation use of performance variation; The presence of cobalt can make the material structure is more stable, but the ingredients will reduce capacity; The presence of manganese can reduce cost and continuously improve the safety performance, but the ingredients layered structure characteristics of the high will damage materials

2. Lithium iron phosphate ( 联赛

the lithium iron phosphate is one of the popular attention of the anode materials at present stage, the basic principle of specific capacity is 170 mah/g, the actual specific capacity can reach more than 150 mah/g. Its main characteristic is cheap cost, safety performance is very good, high cycle life, which some features make the lithium iron phosphate material short time become a study hotspot, lithium iron phosphate batteries in electric cars also have a wide range of applications.

the defects of the lithium iron phosphate is also relatively significant, namely the low energy density. There are two reasons for:

a is the voltage of lithium iron phosphate only 3. The positive materials about 3 v, is less than the other, it makes the lithium iron phosphate batteries store energy is relatively low;

two is weak conductivity lithium iron phosphate, need nano and cover to obtain good electrochemical performance, which makes the material becomes more and more bulk, compaction density is low.

3。 Cobalt acid lithium ( LCO)

cobalt acid lithium is still a small of lithium battery pack is very good choice. At this stage in the 3 c electronic battery, most still use cobalt acid lithium and not three yuan materials have higher specific capacity, the reason was that the cobalt acid lithium materials compaction density more than three yuan material, per unit of volume that can accommodate the amount of cobalt acid lithium more. In a greater focus on bulk density of small batteries, cobalt acid lithium holds a place.

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