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Introduction to the basic structure and working principle of lithium ion batteries

by:dcfpower     2021-03-19
Lithium ion battery (rocking chair battery) Lithium ion battery (also known as rocking chair battery) refers to a secondary battery system that uses two different lithium intercalation compounds that can reversibly insert and extract lithium ions as the positive and negative electrodes of the battery. It was first invented by I. Kuribayshi and his collaborators in the world, and it was a worldwide patent obtained by Asahi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. in Japan. The name of the lithium ion battery is named after T. Nagaura and K. Tozawz. What is a lithium battery pack and what is called a lithium battery pack can refer to the article I wrote earlier. Up to now, great progress has been made in the research and development of secondary lithium-ion batteries. Some large Japanese companies have successfully developed commercial batteries and started mass production. At the same time, research and development work aimed at improving such batteries is also actively developing. Experts predict that in the next ten years, lithium-ion batteries are expected to replace the currently popular Ni-Cd batteries. The basic structure and working principle of lithium-ion batteries In 1980, M. Armand et al. proposed to replace lithium negative electrodes in metal lithium secondary batteries with lithium-intercalating compounds, and proposed the concept of 'rocking chair batteries'. Since then, some have appeared. The basic principle of the experimental 'rocking chair battery' can be described as: LiyMnYm+AZBw Liy_XM Ym+LixAzBw where LiyMnYm is a low-potential lithium intercalation compound used as anode, such as Li WO2, LiMoO2, Li6Fe2O3, etc., used as cathode The high potential lithium intercalation compounds AZBW include: TiS2, WO3, NbS2, V20, etc. Compared with the secondary lithium battery pack with lithium metal as the negative electrode of the battery, the safety performance of the lithium ion battery is greatly improved, and has a good cycle life; but because the negative electrode material (LiWO2, LiMoO: etc.) has a higher lithium insertion potential (0.7 V-2.OV vs. Li/Li+), the lithium insertion capacity is low, and it loses the advantages of high voltage and high specific energy of the secondary lithium battery pack. With the research and development of lithium intercalation compounds, the positive and negative electrode materials of rocking chair batteries have been further developed. In 1987, Auburn Barberie et al. proposed 7'M002 (WO2) ILiPF6-PC/LiCoO2 type lithium concentration difference battery, which directly uses lithium-rich compounds (such as LiCoO: etc.) as the cathode, and lithium-poor compounds (such as Mo42, W02, etc. ) As the anode constitutes a 'rocking chair batteryThese systems still have the problem of low specific energy, but they have made significant progress in solving safety and cycle efficiency. In 1991, Sony Corporation of Japan took the lead in launching a practical rocking chair battery and called it 'lithium ion battery'. The principle is shown in Figure 1.1. Figure 1.1. Schematic diagram of the principle of lithium-ion batteries. Fig. 1.1 Principle of Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries. In this type of battery, the charging and discharging process is the intercalation/extraction reaction of lithium ions in the positive and negative electrodes. The positive and negative poles migrate back and forth, so they are also called lithium-ion batteries. This battery overcomes the shortcomings of secondary lithium batteries, while maintaining its advantages, and has become a hot spot in lithium secondary battery research. Please indicate the source of the article for reprintingu003c/pu003e
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