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Lithium batteries and reasonable charge and discharge method

by:dcfpower     2020-11-29

the lithium battery pack is in the rapid development of social application field is more and more widely, the working principle of lithium-ion batteries on the battery to supply kinetic energy and discharge into other kinetic energy and released. When neither battery charge or discharge in the idle state, therefore, the reasonable way of using the lithium batteries with respect to its says there are three big aspects: reasonable battery, reasonable maintenance, reasonable discharge method. Then today we bring you a look at! !

reasonable lithium batteries battery charging method

master time, preventing overcharge. The reasonable time to do the right thing, though, the lithium battery itself both excellent electrochemical performance, little imagine, any sort of objective things in contrary, chi after equilibrium is often appear safety accidents. Here small make up will be detailed to bit by bit!

1, you can. cell internal structure is combined by many electronic components, new li-ion battery is better, if it is in a relatively long time, which is likely to function modules of the electronic components will become weak, so can change frequently overcharge safety hidden trouble. Samsung mobile phones, the iPhone is to expose its most typical security incident, several cases are due to electrical equipment owners put the cell phone battery of bedroom the head of a bed, you go to sleep at night after burning and explosion.

2, must not half-hearted. Small make up have experience, the battery while using the touch screen mobile phone, especially when playing games is very easy to feel mobile phone fever, principle is also very simple, a touch screen mobile phone is equivalent to working two jobs at the same time, it had to make it into super times the human cost, the body will naturally fever.

3, when the charger is charger. Early often occurs in the touch screen mobile phone, every mobile phone maker, from the principle of protecting their own personal interests, usually with particular emphasis on original installation import mobile phone charger ( Contains data line) To power consumption equipment batteries, some manufacturer designed specifically for cable, and is not compatible with other mobile phone charger ( Contains data line) 。 Later, over time, touch screen mobile phone and notebook computer application field is more and more widely, continue like this is obviously deserve it, so now we basically unified standards, some mobile phone charger/line can give different brands and the power consumption equipment of the nature of the battery. Convenient for battery charge, consumers to pay more attention to a problem is as far as possible do it anytime and anywhere lithium electricity contains no problem with battery capacity. , no problem, when the battery capacity is too small a touch screen mobile phones and laptops are there will be a reminder, then you will have to immediately fill electricity, although the battery capacity is too low is not easy to produce direct safety accidents, but excessive use, gradually becomes the li-ion battery structure.

lithium battery reasonable maintenance

environment temperature is suitable for hot and cold. When idle, lithium-ion batteries in general is not easy to frequent accidents, daily maintenance is designed to make lithium-ion batteries in a suitable environment, so as to delay aging lithium electricity. Say so? In our daily use lithium-ion batteries more ventilation, in a cool. Whether lithium batteries are independent sit idle or stay in power consumption equipment in use, in a cool place, do not for a long time in the explosive waste their!

reasonable lithium battery discharge method

the battery in time, prevent discharge. Common touch screen mobile phone users to put the dangers of and no consciousness, because generally put safety accident did not often seen in news reports. And, some people even think the depth of the regular discharge is good for the maintenance of battery performance. Actually otherwise, because the memory effect of lithium-ion batteries can be neglected, there is no depth of discharge to eliminate the memory effect. In theory, lithium battery deep discharge total circulation would have a better life, but the risk is the lithium electricity will generate excessive discharge the battery voltage is too low, can't sure the battery, switch machine would be a long time, sometimes even unable to boot. Of two evils choose the light, use short life a little better than can't use, so advise the touch screen mobile phones and laptop computers consumers don't often applied to black screen.

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