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Lithium batteries, lithium-ion battery production process by parsing

by:dcfpower     2020-10-08

the lithium battery positive market competition is intense in recent years, with the trend of the development of lithium ion pack manufacturing, main application development, market demand increased rapidly. In addition, lithium battery pack cathode material products are of high value, sales market is also very rich. Good, that will follow us today lithium battery manufacturer to take a look at lithium batteries, lithium ion battery production by parsing is right.

today with everyone know about the lithium battery pack production process, the following is the illustration:

the first step in the cathode homogenate: mainly the electrode active material, binder and solvent are mixed together, after fully mixing dispersion, form a paste.

step 2: the anode homogenate homogenate electrode to the positive active material, binder and solvent are mixed together, such as

the third coating: preparation of stock to specify the thickness of coating to the fluid ( Aluminum or copper foil, etc. ) And drying solvent.

step 4 rolling

step 5 cutting: made of sheet cutting shape into the specified size.

step 6 baking

step 7 winding

8 into the shell

step 9 spot welding

step 10 baking: previous quantitative electrolyte injection of soft package batteries inside. Batteries will, of course, after baking, and under the environment of low humidity liquid injection operation, the moisture content is not too much.

step 11 filler

step 12 welding blocks

the tenth three-step cleaning

step 14 dry storage

step 15 test alignment degree

step 16 shell spurt the code

step into 17

after assembly of the battery, be given a certain current, make the battery is the cathode active material is triggered, finally make the battery discharge capacity of electrochemical process called into the battery only after it can used as power supply.

step 18 OCV measuring

step 19 constant temperature storage

step 20 points, let

the battery in the process of manufacturing, for technology reason make the actual capacity of the battery can't completely consistent, through certain charge and discharge test, the battery according to the capacity of the classification process is known as points.

step last working procedure: 20 appearance all inspection & rarr; Printing & rarr; Scan & rarr; Packaging & rarr; Finished goods inventory or packaged directly dispatch

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