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Lithium batteries where to buy, where to buy battery

by:dcfpower     2020-10-26

a lot of people are almost all may have doubts! As our common ternary lithium battery pack and lithium batteries are almost 18650 where to buy. Because few retail batteries, battery market in general are almost wholesale or factory direct purchase, then today, we take a look at lithium batteries where to buy!

a brutal reality is 18650 lithium batteries, lithium polymer battery, ternary lithium batteries are industrial products, the general factory is no official channels for sale to the individual, and therefore are almost all third-party platform sellers sell them.

if the section is only going to buy a few do mobile charger or use words such as strong light flashlight, taobao shop looking a bit bigger, and it is the seller to buy original dosage is not big, also not the big when, mainly for batteries and no high requirements.

but if it is bought to combined into large batteries, the best option is to buy a new one and the same batch of good homebred now I know that is only a lithium battery manufacturers in the country have a channel to sell to individual users, can go to the electric vehicle related interactions on the BBS look oh! Though cannot be called A product sell, when is A good power batteries. If there is a lot of order for the battery might as well look down, then it is a battery manufacturer in shenzhen, selling the country, have the demand for batteries can seek advice.

where lithium battery pack to buy

shenzhen battery co. , LTD. Was established in March 2001, is a professional engaged in environmental protection rechargeable battery research, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Our factory covers an area of 30000 square meters, nissan can respectively: 500000 nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries PCC (200000 In meizhou factory production) 。

set up an independent research and development center, and is equipped with a complete set of used for testing the physical, chemical properties and electrochemical performance of the equipment and battery application. Our r&d center in the past to undertake and completed many technology projects, and Harbin industrial university, Shanghai institute of metallurgy, zhengzhou university of light industry and yancheng institute of technology and so on has carried on the long-term research cooperation. We have applied for 70 patents.

have been equipped with fully automatic production line for the positive and negative. We use a very special battery formation technology. Our production line specially designed for various types of batteries, including high capacity battery, use of high power battery, battery, high and low temperature, battery energy storage system, etc. , are widely used in consumer market, small family in many fields. Electric appliances, electric tools, communication tools, toys, vacuum cleaners, personal care, emergency lighting, lamp, solar energy products, etc. Has passed ISO9001:2015 and the BSCI certification, and obtained the CE, UL, IEC62133, KC, PSE, ROHS, REACH, the BIS, such as

in addition, we buy product liability insurance for all battery, this is the double assurance to customers. Has successfully become the leading OEM/ODM for many famous companies at home and abroad suppliers and partners.

always appreciates the target management, and believe in honesty, innovation and excellence.

' People-oriented honest & throughout; Spirit culture with our products, services and talent is very fit, which become green mobile energy expert.

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