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Lithium battery aging test, laptop battery aging test procedures

by:dcfpower     2020-11-11

the importance of safety for lithium ion batteries are the important meaning beyond doubt, lithium ion battery before officially production processing production must be according to the strict requirements of safety testing, further the safety factor of the effective protection under the extreme operating condition. But lithium ion battery is a metastable mechanism of, in the specific steps of operate as electrolyte and anode interface is the production of adverse reactions, can cause the service life of the late thermal performance indexes, performance of lithium ion batteries are once again the transition of the correlation coefficient, so for the sake of better lithium ion battery high safety in the production process before the production must be according to the battery aging test, aging test that here we learn about the battery, laptop lithium battery aging test procedures.

what is battery aging test

battery aging test usually refers to the lithium ion battery before officially production processing production must be according to the strict requirements of safety testing, further the safety factor of the effective protection under the extreme operating conditions, can have a room temperature ageing aging can also have a high temperature and high pressure, effect is made after the first charge almost all turned into SEI film properties and composition can smoothly. Room temperature ageing temperature is 25 degrees, high temperature and high pressure aging each manufacturer each are not identical, some of them are 38 degrees also have 45 degrees. Accurate time at 48 - Three days between the two.

why battery aging test

1. Is negative live some of the chemical's active ingredient, according to the corresponding chemical reactions inactivation, prompted the battery integrated performance index mainly more smoothly, a lot of group company in order to make this a system process accelerates, the high temperature and high pressure ageing, but need to pay attention to the control of ageing time and temperature of high temperature and high pressure, aging because of high temperature and high pressure will to live than under the normal temperature aging effect of chemicals to produce more and more deterioration, adjust good, active ingredient completely reaction, battery performance mainly is smooth, poor regulation, too much of the chemical reaction, so electrical performance index fell, the capacitance of slash, IR increased, even appear again leakage, and so on and so forth are almost likely.

2。 Electrolyte in order to fully to infiltrate

laptop lithium battery pack aging test method step

1. The first step to go online to download the battery test tools, baidu search above and many thought there will be a big push battery test software

2. Normally this kind of software are almost free version installed, it opens at soon can operate, can be directly run as an administrator, it opens at the main interface to view information interface, get laptop lithium battery pack related data. 。 Access to the power source, the battery status, the accurate time remaining, a total of accurate time and sampling frequency, battery discharge rate and other details.

3。 Click open the battery information in sequence can see the details of your laptop battery, mainly including the design of the electric capacity, the battery capacity, battery voltage, etc. Personal advice here if the 1/3 of the battery power consumption if less than or equal to the current design of electricity, the battery should be replaced. Now the battery is very cheap, it doesn't mean to be original.

4。 If buy new battery can also use this software for power and charging detection, can according to the detection of linear slope very accurately detect the stand or fall of the battery.

5。 And finished it laptop lithium battery to this show a success, battery aging test to the end!

lithium battery aging test method step high security personal advice

personal advice no 2 - eventually Your laptop batteries for 3 months to completely discharge at a time ( The storage of the computer power consumption to 1%, has been to automatically switch machine) 。 That way is more easier to guarantee the battery.

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