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Lithium battery and lead acid batteries which good

by:dcfpower     2020-10-21

in recent years, electric hybrid car battery technology update iteration, the growth of the lithium battery is from the rising red double stick to the trend of community leader. But, also just continue to rise. Subject to the performance of their own, such as ratio of sake to replace lead-acid battery eldest brother's status in society will also have a long way to go, but also in big brother lead-acid battery constantly for self-improvement. The following will introduce you to lead acid and lithium battery which good.

what is lithium battery pack

the lithium battery is composed of lithium metal or lithium alloy anode materials, using nonaqueous electrolyte solution of the battery. by GilbertN first in 1912. Lewis and study are put forward. In the 1970 s, M. 年代。 WhitTIngham is put forward and began to research on lithium ion batteries. Because the chemical properties of lithium is very lively, prompting lithium metal production and processing, storage, use, requires very high to the environment. Therefore, lithium battery pack for a long time has not been applied.

what is the lead acid battery

lead-acid batteries, VRLA) , it is a kind of electrode are mainly made by the lead and the metal oxide, battery electrolyte is sulfuric acid solution. Lead-acid battery discharge condition, the positive main ingredients for lead dioxide, negative main ingredients to lead; Charging status, the main components are all lead sulfate is negative. A single case the nominal voltage of lead-acid batteries is 2. Can discharge to 0 v, 1. 5 v, can charge to 2. 4V。 In the application, often together with six single lead-acid batteries of nominal is 12 v lead-acid battery. There will be 24 v, 36 v, 48 v, etc.

lead-acid battery main advantages:

1. Simple maintenance

due to the complex system of gas produced by gas into water, in the process of using VRLA batteries don't need to add water.

2。 Use of long maturity

use the corrosion resistance of the structure of the lead calcium alloy column board VRLA battery can be used floating 10 - 15 years.

3。 Stable quality, high reliability

use of advanced production technology and strict quality control system, the VRLA battery of stable quality, reliable performance indicators. Voltage, capacity and seal online 100% inspection.

lithium battery and lead acid batteries which good

lithium ion battery: the cycle life of up to 800 - 1000 times, service life is long, cost performance for the lead-acid battery more than four times; The same size batteries, lithium ion battery has a larger battery capacity; Under the same capacity, lithium ion battery is two-thirds the size of lead-acid battery, volume weight is 1/3 of the lead-acid battery weight;

lead-acid batteries, cycle life under five hundred times, shorter service life, low price; Battery capacity is relatively limited; Under the same capacity, volume weight is larger; No large current fast charge and discharge performance; Cells in the presence of large amounts of lead and a lot of acid, after Nick if negligence, can cause pollution to the environment. Is easy to see that it is better than lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries and more green environmental protection, after use, can also be used recycled, so small make up recommend go to lithium battery.

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