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Lithium battery and lithium battery 26650 18650 which one is better

by:dcfpower     2020-10-29

lithium ion battery is relatively light in weight, large storage, no memory effect, such as unique, therefore won the wide application of many digital products are chose lithium ion battery as a power source, while its price is relatively is relatively rare. High energy density lithium ion battery, its storage capacity is 1 with the total weight of nimh batteries. 5 ~ 2 times, and have very low self-discharge rate. In addition, the lithium ion battery basically couldn't find & other; Memory effect & throughout; And do not contain toxic substances such as unique also is the main reason that it is widely used. types are many, this article to 18650 lithium battery and lithium battery 26650 these two kinds of lithium battery difference comparison.

18650 lithium batteries unique

1, large storage, 18650 lithium battery pack storage capacity is 1200 mah ~ 3600 mah commonly between, and generally the appearance of the battery capacity is 800 mah, if combined into 18650 lithium battery pack pack, the 18650 lithium battery pack pack is easy to be able to conquer five hundred mah.

2, long life 18650 lithium battery service life is long, the normal use and cycle life can reach more than five hundred times, is nearly two times more than common battery.

3, high safety coefficient 18650 lithium battery safety coefficient is high, no explosion, not burning; Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, after brand RoHS certification; All kinds of safety coefficient of one pace reachs the designated position, cycles is more than five hundred times; High temperature resistant performance is good, 65 - degree condition to devolve electricity efficiency up to 100%. In order to prevent the short circuit batteries, 18650 across the electrodes of lithium battery is separated. So it short-circuit phenomenon may already dropped to perfect acme. Can install lithium battery protection board, avoid battery overcharge discharge, it also can prolong the service life of the battery.

4, high voltage 18650 lithium battery voltage is generally in 3. 6 v, 3。 8 v and 4. 2 v, far higher than 1 nickel cadmium and nickel metal hydride batteries. 2 v voltage.

18650 lithium batteries shortcomings

18650 lithium batteries of larger faults is that he already fixed volume well, in some laptops or when some products is not very good location, natural this one disadvantage also can be said to be unique, it is relative to other polymer lithium battery such as lithium batteries can be customized and can change the size, this is a disadvantage. But relative to some specific battery specifications of the products is a competitive advantage.

26650 lithium-ion batteries in general electrical

cycle performance: 2000 times ( Charging 1 c / 1 c discharge, storage capacity retention & ge; 80%、100% dod)

continue to put larger current: 9. 6 a

pulse discharge current: 15 a, 5 s

work temperature: charging: 0 & deg; C ~ 55° C; Discharge: - 20° 60°C ~ C

storage temperature: - 20° 45°C ~ C

battery total weight: 86 g ( About)

18650 lithium battery and lithium battery pack which good 26650

to directly say 18650 lithium battery and lithium battery pack both 26650 battery which is good, it can't be in one fell swoop is relative, and what you want to use in the field. Such as battery 1865 lithium-ion batteries used in lighting lamps and lanterns, industrial form a complete set of lithium batteries, power tools batteries, electric bicycle batteries, power lithium battery pack, etc, is more, while 26650 lithium-ion batteries used in the integrated solar street light lithium battery pack, energy storage station, solar energy storage battery, etc.

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