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Lithium battery and the future of the nimh batteries | industry information

by:dcfpower     2020-10-07

' Ni-mh battery is a realistic choice, lithium battery is the development direction. ” Essence securities researcher who the truth, it will take time for the industrialization of lithium battery, and 3 ~ 5 years of transition period in the future, new energy power will also give priority to with nimh batteries.

, according to the current 90% of the world's automotive market dominated by nimh batteries, while Japan to master the core technology of most. Nickel metal hydride battery performance is stable, mature technology and has realized industrialization, and the next five years will be a focus direction of new energy in China.

' From the perspective of the commercial production of nickel metal hydride batteries are better than lithium battery. ” Who said, but with the mature of lithium battery technology, the future market space is bound to be gradually released.

now the whole market to the lithium battery in the application prospect in the field of new energy vehicles have a lot of. But the prospects of application in the field of traditional care less. Through detailed research on lithium-ion batteries is mainly used in the field of application, found that even though the development of new energy vehicles lower than expected, lithium electricity industry development prospect is still optimistic. At present, the notebook computer and mobile phone market is still the two major markets of lithium-ion batteries. In the future, the portable personal PC and tablet tide will effectively boost the rapid growth of the lithium electricity demand. Intelligent mobile phone and touch screen will also ensure the shipments are steadily increasing. And lithium battery pack in digital camera, PSP, e-books, electric tools, electric bicycles and communication within many fields such as back-up power & other; Blossoming & throughout; Also is worth waiting for.

by the demand for lithium battery summary analysis, we found: in 2010, the total capacity of small lithium electricity major global markets, probably in 52. 6 billion yuan. By 2015, the market capacity will reach 106. 9 billion yuan, is doubled. Over the next five years, the small lithium electricity market average annual growth rate will remain around 15% of the growth rate of growth. Small lithium electricity the subsequent development of will provide solid support to the development of lithium electricity industry.

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