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Lithium battery at low temperature would be like, what is the effect

by:dcfpower     2020-10-01

in any environmental elements, and temperature on the battery charge and discharge performance of the harm is bigger, the electrode/electrolyte interface on the electrochemical reaction is closely related to the working temperature, the electrode/electrolyte interface was seen as the core of the battery. Low temperature, the viscosity of electrolyte greatly reduced. Conductive performance is reduced, the activity of active substances will also be greatly reduced. Will make the electrolyte concentration difference expansion, electrode polarization, electrify stop early. And, more importantly, the lithium ions in carbon negative external diffusion rate will slow down. Easy to have lithium for precipitation. Temperature is reduced, the electrode reaction rate is also reduced. Assuming that the battery voltage constant, reduce the discharge current, battery power output will be reduced.

at present, lithium iron phosphate battery is one of the most used in pure electric vehicle batteries, this type of battery safety performance is high, a single long service life, but also has a fatal flaw, lithium iron phosphate lithium iron phosphate battery low temperature performance of the technical system of battery is a little difference than others. By the low temperature damage, graphite intercalated-li rate greatly reduced, easy to precipitate in the cathode surface metal lithium, if suspended in lack of time and put into use after charging, lithium metal couldn't embedded inside the graphite again, all parts of metal lithium entities of the cathode surface, is likely to cause lithium dendrite, endanger the safety of the battery; Low temperature, electrolyte viscosity increases, lithium ion transfer impedance will also along with the expanding; In addition, in the production process of lithium iron phosphate, the adhesive is also a very important factor and low temperature on the performance of the adhesive also can cause greater harm. That we with our nimh battery manufacturer to take a look at lithium batteries at low temperature low temperature would be like, what is the effect.

low temperature effect on the lithium battery pack

as lithium batteries, lithium titanate battery low temperature performance is relatively good. Spinel structure anode materials of lithium titanate intercalated-li potential about 1. 5 v, won't cause lithium dendrite, volumetric stress and strain in the process of charging and discharging is less than 1%. Nano titanium acid lithium batteries can be large current charge and discharge, realized the low temperature quick charge of security at the same time the use of the battery performance and safety performance. For example, the main new energy of lithium titanate battery of silver, its products have in - 50 - 60 ℃ the normal charge and discharge capacity. Lithium titanate battery have the advantage of material still can realize quick charge at low temperature, such capricious, battery difficult to other materials.

use of the advantages of low temperature lithium batteries and function

1. Low temperature lithium batteries have the advantages of light quality, high energy density and longevity, is widely used for various electronic products equipment instrument. In the low temperature cell polymer lithium ion battery has simplicity, battery packaging design of solid geometry shape is easy to change the ultrathin, super light, and the advantages of high safety performance into a lot of switch power supply of mobile electronic products.

2。 Common civil - battery 20 ℃ could not use lithium batteries - at low temperature 50 ℃ still can be normal use. At this stage in ℃ or below temperature environment generally low-temperature batteries. In addition to the communication power supply military use mobile charger, signal switch power and small and medium-sized power device driver power supply, etc also need to use the same battery at low temperature the switch power supply is the same when working in the field of performance under low temperature requirements.

3。 Low temperature lithium batteries with light quality, high energy density and long service life, the advantages of being widely applied in low temperature lithium battery is a kind of the use of special material and craft, and appropriate use below zero in cold environment.

4。 Space flight, Mars exploration under implementation in China, the moon exploration program, can be used to the cold nimh battery or nickel metal hydride batteries at low temperature. So the development of low-temperature batteries for military and aerospace business development is of great significance.

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