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Lithium battery bulge, lithium battery pack bulge?

by:dcfpower     2020-10-31

in recent years, mainly because of its high energy than lithium-ion batteries, safety performance is higher, used by many in the industry market. Even if the safety performance of lithium-ion batteries than lead-acid batteries is much higher, but if the improper handling or is manufacturing overall level is not good still have corresponding safety accidents, for example say beat this kind of phenomenon, the shenzhen technology co. , LTD. Small make up today we say the following lithium battery pack bulge, lithium battery bulge?

the cause of the lithium battery bulge there are mainly six reasons,

1, factory production and manufacturing, production environment, production and manufacturing of machinery and equipment repair and so on, this led to a battery of metal coating is irregular, not in the lithium battery pack electrolyte into the dust particles, etc. Some are likely to force the lithium battery pack in the customer when use caused bulge phenomenon, and even cause greater security risks.

2, is the key to the customer, if customer improper handling when in the use of lithium battery pack products, such as charging over discharge, or is in the natural environment is extremely bad environment constantly in use are also likely to force such as lithium battery caused bulge.

3, battery manufacturing overall level phenomenon, metal electrode metal coating is not irregular, manufacturing process is relatively coarse;

4, open circuit fault chemical reaction, can lead to large quantities of calorific value, at the same time, small and soft long will cause resonance phenomenon break down vaporization, the battery will swell up.

5, in addition, when the battery excess when use, mainly because of the air in the corresponding level and conductivity, therefore cause swell phenomenon. Therefore, if the time is too long, is equivalent to the battery initial direct contact, President of time short circuit.

6, that is the battery for a long time not to use, after does not carry out good storage treatment. When the exposed in the air for a long time not in use, at the same time power full. Mainly because of the air in the corresponding level and conductivity, put the time is too long is equivalent to the battery positive negative direct contact, conducted a chronic short circuit fault.

lithium batteries of bulge cells is the key of the main principle of organizational structure produce infinite near fault strong chemical reaction, producing large quantities of heat, which in turn cause the electrolyte decomposition vaporization, lithium battery will drum up.

lithium battery bulge to do

1, the batteries are not to be used again in the drum unit package, have the status of the drum unit package, please immediately changing a new battery. As far as possible can not rely on cell phone online expert professor some way in the use of the battery again.

2, usually can not play in charge their phone. Adhere to the battery in time to avoid security risks.

3, under normal circumstances, when charging, it is important to pay special attention to the selection of the charger, specifications, the rated capacity of the battery charging voltage is 3. 7 v, terminal voltage is 4. 2 v, as far as possible can not be selected to meet the voltage of the charger is able to maintain constant current for the most appropriate.

4, most of the lithium battery pack need technology professional recycling disposal is not easy on the natural environment caused by environmental pollution, so the best choice to be abandoned to the disposal technology professional lithium battery pack pack management place. If local don't have this kind of region, the best way is to throw it to the classification of waste battery recycling bins.

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