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Lithium battery buying guide guide books

by:dcfpower     2020-10-03

I need to choose what kind of battery?

the first, you have to clear your need to choose what kind of battery?

so far lithium battery pack brand on the market at present such as became more, quality is uneven, let the customer feel puzzled. I first come here to do a big classification, let everyone know a right direction, that is to say, should be original of choose and buy, or compatibility.

what kind of people should choose and original battery? There are two. Eat with batteries, such as sports journalists, photographers wedding photography shop. This is because for them, the second battery will have very high utilization, and the quality problem of the slightly will work on the great confusion. For them, and always have quality assurance of the original battery. In view of this kind of investment is the profit itself, so for the cell compatibility of a times higher price, also do not need to think too much. A likely loss caused by the power problem, for them, to be able to buy 10 pieces of the battery's guess.

the other is a third time and very precious. In a third, 200 yuan and 400 yuan and no difference, but the kind of a sense of accomplishment, all use original exception is precious. But for the time is very precious, after coming to see me this article, then to the battery shops inside dozens of compatibility to pick out the suitable battery is very uneconomical. Therefore they shall be directly run to 30 co dc star counter, shrugged off a large stack of RMB or golden bright is dazzing unlimited credit card, say: small 2, showed the two original xx battery use.

about compatibility of the battery, is suitable for most like me, Well, I use a d7i, don't need to spend big price to buy lithium electricity) Dc fan, economic strength is limited. Is 1000 yuan, if the original battery of choose and buy, can only choose and buy a memory card for 256 memory; If the compatibility of choose and buy, you can also choose and buy a lot of extra what polarizer, close-up lens, lens, petals cover, certainly will let you have more sense of achievement. We can come up with a fake duma grams of domestic camera bag, then charting one by one in the lens, lens, in some more food mm eyes, this is probably very professional, and even have become mm become an important occasion of lp!

how to buy home furnishings battery

ok, now look at this part should belong to the social elite, where tens of thousands of money ye with elder sister. If you are not, then please read this article, is particularly important.

if you are a third sister, so, I very earnestly exhort you, you should not go to shop of choose and buy battery. This is because the cheater too much, if you ten thousand yuan amani suit there is quite a vision to a small 2 recognize, you basically it is destined to be slaughtered. Or spend a lot of money to buy the fake, or is real for you double the price. Subsequent article in view of your nervous didn't ask the invoice, can according to you have no more time and energy to talk with these guys, they can earn hundreds of super comfortable. And for the money, caring donation to the disaster area is obviously better than to cheat.

therefore carry your bank credit card, to the qualification co, find the king model bank bar, told her your digital camera model, buy together firm offers original battery, and then open good write clearly the name of the invoice. This way of consumer shopping, obviously not the most economic accounting, but it is the most energy, the most don't have to worry about. You don't have to go to care about or even original concrete model of the battery.

together original lithium-ion batteries, the price is not less than 300 yuan. If some people think that you can get 150 yuan even cheaper original lithium-ion batteries, he must be lying.

the choose and buy original battery, is to buy a understand. So remember to invoices. So you are not afraid to buy fake, gee tut.

if you for the qualification for the price of the co felt a little pain, a little loathe to give up, tut tut, you belong to, and most people like that, being cost-effective ordinary consumers. Just then to see the next section, you will learn.

how to choose and buy cheap and fine lithium battery pack

many users at the time of relatively battery capacity, often ignore the problem of voltage. For example, 3 together. 6 v, 1200 mah battery, and 7. 4 v, 700 mah battery b, many friends will feel 1200 mah battery shell is relatively strong. But actually, really should be battery b. From this point, SONY to indicate battery with watt, is relatively scientific and convenient.

in addition, we are not the etheric believe some annotation data of the battery. For some have no professional ethics, they casually the battery's capacity by 10%, anyway, or within the category of tolerance; They will clearly only 100 times the cycle life of battery as 1000, when problems occur with & other; There is something wrong with the method of use and other Such as saying to dodge.

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