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Lithium battery can be resistant to high temperature, high temperature lithium battery parameters

by:dcfpower     2020-10-02

high temperature lithium batteries in general is used in outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns, high tension line intelligent robot, monitoring equipment, automotive electronics, automotive electronics rain loose, gas boiler applications, many friend ask everyone lithium battery manufacturer in general condition lithium battery can resistance to high temperature, good that you today to see this article lithium batteries can be resistant to high temperature, high temperature lithium battery parameters.

more than lithium batteries can be resistant to high temperature

you generally see the lithium battery pack with anti-explosion valve, above given at high temperature, the battery internal pressure is too large, explosion-proof valve at this time to work, the first step in the explosion-proof valve will open, and make the pressure release. About the safety of the battery test, also involves high temperature processes, such as what 150 degrees hot box, plate and ejection in high temperature of 800 degrees, no explosion as standard. Is actually not careful rigorous, because explosion-proof valve may not open on time, therefore, also is in how long don't bang for the criteria.

in general lithium battery pack with high temperature test, there are 130 degrees, 150 degrees, 800 degrees, etc. , but in general situation, in ordinary daily life will not be touched at such high temperature, but sometimes you see damaged or excessive application of electric battery charging status. Especially the recent hot smart devices, embedded bending deformation of the battery, safety testing alone has 48 process, including high temperature project in bending deformation into a battery and more than 50 degrees, in daily life, such temperature, bending deformation of the battery is unlikely to touch.

high temperature lithium battery parameters

1. High temperature resistant ternary lithium battery

in general situation, the lithium battery to 0 Is not sensitive to the temperature of 40 ℃ area, if the temperature exceeds the area, the service life of lithium battery and capacity may be greatly reduced. Therefore, environmental temperature of the lithium ion battery in general is 0 40℃。 When lithium ion battery work within 50 ℃ above 60 ℃, the attenuation coefficient reduction coefficient of rechargeable batteries, attenuation coefficient reaches a certain service life. Some special regional environment requirements of lithium battery temperature is different, some can even be in the area of several hundred ℃ environment under normal conditions, the ternary lithium battery to adapt to the environment temperature is very wide, its peak can reach 350 ℃ - electric heating Five hundred ℃. Lithium metal material of organic chemistry in the process of heating is very outstanding, the high temperature of rechargeable battery resistor is probably around two hundred ℃. When the temperature is high, the ternary lithium material of organic chemical properties will become more strong, lithium battery electrolyte will light up quickly.

2。 High temperature resistant polymer lithium battery

usually, environment temperature in - of polymer lithium battery pack 20℃- Between 70 ℃. High and low temperature can interfere with the capacity of the battery. At the same time, the chemical structure of material in rechargeable batteries will continue to be damaged and change seriously interfere with the battery life.

the highest resistance to high temperature lithium battery can take eight baidu's heat. Typically, lithium in high temperature measurement is two hundred ℃, five hundred ℃ and eight hundred ℃, but under normal circumstances the heat contact in daily life is not easy. But we can see the charging or excessive use of electric battery damaged. In particular, the battery bending is more and more reasonable intelligent product configuration, only the testing services will have a 50 channels of security testing process, in this process, a new high temperature engineering will make a battery bending 50 degrees, service life and so is unlikely to come into contact with the battery life of the battery. High general assembly in three hundred - lithium-ion batteries Five hundred times. The best part of discharge rather than full of lithium ion battery, and try to reduce the magnitude of the charge and discharge normally. If once a rechargeable battery leave production line, the clock began to move. Whether you use, lithium took only two to three years.

3。 Resistance to high temperature lithium iron phosphate battery

high-temperature lithium iron phosphate battery pack, can be divided into one hundred ℃, 125 ℃, 150 ℃, 175 ℃ and two hundred ℃ above use under the natural environment of five levels. At present, many key high temperature lithium battery is suitable for electric catalytic management system of/sulfonyl chloride and lithium/sulfonyl chloride. This is due to the energy density of two systems is the largest, wide temperature range, the longest storage time, the highest working frequency. The P - LifePO3 crystal O key is solid, insoluble, even under the high temperature and high pressure, it also won't like Li - Co structure collapse, also won't produce strong oxide, a good safety performance. Rechargeable batteries biggest calorific value is 350, five hundred ℃, environment temperature range ( - 2075℃) , the volume at 60 ℃ was one thousand percent.

good resistance to low temperature high temperature lithium battery pack which

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