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Lithium battery charge for the first time, how long the battery to charge

by:dcfpower     2020-11-26

new lithium battery pack doesn't know how to the battery for the first time, don't know how long the battery to charge? It doesn't matter below our battery manufacturer to teach you, in view of the cell phone battery capacity, the battery charging method could also affect play a lithium-ion batteries, especially for newly purchased mobile phones, in the lithium battery to the battery for the first time, how to get to the correct operation? Do you know the correct way of using the lithium-ion batteries? We can use below to learn about lithium batteries battery matters needing attention for the first time, after a lot of friends to buy a new lithium battery pack doesn't know how to charge, the following will tell you the correct method, and see it.

1, the new batteries for the first time, remind of, in addition to this the best choice to remind is full, continue to charge a 15 minutes is best, do not need to charge for a long time, although the charge for a long time to affect mobile phones does not dah sing the lithium battery to buy? Is the first battery charging or discharging? How to charge? To small current discharge ( Normally set to 1 2A) And then with a current of 1 a 2 - to charge and discharge cycle 3 times, have to activate the battery

2, as will the new phone battery charge again after use to less than two hundred percent, so that we can reduce the number of the battery, improves the life span of the lithium battery, in addition, as far as possible with to shut off the power, cannot too for a long time the battery. Usually there will be more than 3 months time, during this time monomer batteries will be shown is different because the self-discharge voltage is different, the voltage of battery pack difference bigger ( The unbalanced) ; Because the charger on the market at present stage has function of battery balance, so the imbalance often with the help of the charger when the battery repair

3, mobile phone to evade or in high temperature weather is used under the extremely low temperature, under high temperatures and low temperature battery can produce significant damage to cell phone lithium batteries, high temperatures may cause battery explosion, and the low temperature will also bring great influence to the battery life. Power lithium battery should be stored in what environment? The shade under dry environment storage at room temperature 15 35 ℃, relative humidity six hundred and fifty percent air

4, power lithium battery can use how long? How many cycle normal can be used normally? Life affected by what factors? Rc airplane power lithium batteries can be used normally around one hundred, the main factors influencing the service life:

the temperature, the battery cannot be used under the environment of overheating or deposit ( 35℃) ;

charge and discharge, battery charge and discharge the battery pack can not excessive, shall ensure that the single batteries voltage is 4. 2 - 3. Between 0 v, high current recovery voltage should guarantee for work in 3. More than 4 v.

choose appropriate power model, avoid the battery pack in the case of overload use.

5, new lithium-ion batteries need to activate? If you do not activate will have an effect? Need to activate, new battery from factories to consumers hand, usually there will be more than 3 months time, the battery will be a sleep mode, and doesn't fit for high intensity discharge at once, otherwise will affect the efficiency and life span of the battery should be.

6, be sure to use the built-in charger battery charge, can't use other charger products, machinery and equipment in order to avoid the destruction, not original charger in product quality, materials and heating has a serious security hidden danger new battery, charger not into electricity is what reason? Zero electric batteries, battery internal resistance, wrong charger model.

after a full charge can be stored for a long time?

full charge storage time can't more than 7 days; The battery is best in only 3. 70 - 3. Deposit 90 voltage mode, is beneficial to extend battery life, if not use for a long time, to ensure that every 1 - 2 months to charge and discharge. Manufacture date within one month of the new battery is often the case in 30 mv is 0. About 3 v is normal, for a long time of the battery pack more than 3 months above, in the 100 mv is 0. 1 v is can use the

how long is the lithium battery to charge

necessary charge ten - lithium ion batteries 12 hours, lithium ion battery has virtually no memory, and nimh battery charging methods at different, but has an activation problem, if the source battery storage is relatively long, it needs to be activated, the battery has been activated when I was in the factory, if you need to prevent long activation, method is to use the electricity to charge more than 8 hours, then such a cycle three times, lithium ion battery is at present the best possible battery, lightsome and basically do not have memory, if has already been activated at all there's no need to fill more than ten hours, even though the battery protection circuit, but still had better not too long, I bought it two years ago in ion battery cell phones don't tube, when want to charge to the charge, the battery life is still very good right now.

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