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Lithium battery charger is not broken into electricity? Lithium battery repair methods

by:dcfpower     2020-12-05

lithium-ion batteries used in daily life problems existing in the process of natural wear and tear, or it is broken. Usually if lithium battery pack pack is broken what can I do? What are the repair methods? Like smart phones with lithium batteries, new energy car with lithium batteries, occasionally will produce security vulnerabilities, below small make up our battery manufacturer will detail lithium battery pack charger is not broken into electricity? repair methods.

1。 repair method one:

with rubber polishing or other cleaning tools can wipe off the surface rust. For a long time use lithium battery in the process of the metal surface will be a corresponding degree of air oxidation, produce mobile phone batteries and mobile phone touch bad, lithium-ion batteries use time to shrink, and use a rubber polishing or other cleaning tools can wipe off the surface rust composition, let the battery and mobile phone touch better. In use process, using temperature solution out all rechargeable batteries, battery in determining the temperature stability of the unstable temperature condition of the use of the time, because of the rechargeable battery is electricity, and a large number of lithium ion batteries have contain memory energy, can be part of the memory energy released during the winter, so put outside for a period of time.

2。 repair method 2:

all your battery after use, with temperature, the battery in the temperature instability will greatly reduce the use of the time, because the battery is no electricity at the same time quite part of lithium ion already contains memory power in this way can make electric release part of memory, winter has come, put outside for a while, get a room. Ultra-low temperature can make the internal structure of lithium battery electrolyte change, drive just after frozen cells produce chemical reaction. The use of lithium battery process is actually a charge and discharge process. During this period, the battery inside the negatively charged and positive charge/hit each other. Why will be more and more without the battery, because in normal room temperature, internal structure of electronic kinetic energy is larger, so the battery active, leakage is relatively too frequently. And put the lithium battery in a cryogenic environment, lithium battery of lithium and electrolyte membrane on the surface of the micro particle structure, and their interface are will produce more obvious change, produce the battery internal structure is not active, lower leakage current. So once again after charging, cell phone for electricity will increase time. Remove the lithium ion battery, put down after a week, will gradually consumed, process equipment must be used completely consumed. Then recharge, remember that your battery time is very short, no doubt, after charging, blackouts, again continue to several times, must be feasible.

3。 repair method 3:

there is a way to remove the battery, put the appearance of the seven days, the consumption of electricity will gradually, need to use the machine will first electricity consumption after completely. Then all rushed, estimate you charging time is very short, now filled with, disconnect again, over and over again a few times, must be useful. About six hundred times the cycle of lithium battery service life. If charging more, hot games make its internal structure of molecules arranged micro particle structure gradually become serious damage, the storage charge efficiency will decrease unconsciously. And freezing process is easy to damage the internal structure of the original battery, in the short term may also can improve the ability to take charge, but the long-term use process does not necessarily useful. inside the micro particle structure once were severely damaged, want to do a complete recovery is unlikely, the long-term course of using this method can accelerate the natural loss of cell phone batteries.

lithium battery repair methods:

the first method: discharge

lithium ion battery can use the boot discharge or meet resistance method. Start charge and discharge should be put into phone start stop level; Resistance can charge and discharge with beads relative working voltage of the charge and discharge of connection for a long time, until the beads connected a moment level will be destroyed. More suitable for high current charge and discharge current.

the second method: activation

concatenated 12 v alternating current, in the middle of the lithium battery also need to connect to a small buld or resistance, is applicable to the current limit. The first step, choose small current control circuit of the alternating current of 10 mah, lasts 30 ~ 90 min, then current is added to the rechargeable battery allows the difference between the 2 times.

the third method: change the batteries

the life of the lithium ion battery pack, in fact represents the internal structure of lithium ion battery core of press close to life. Take the following steps: using wallpaper knife around the battery shell connecting head laser cutting laser, if barb type card buckle place not resolved first, waiting for the other joints open, then scorpion caudal casing loosen the lock. Remove by chromium iron lithium battery core discharging lithium battery core, then buy related types of lithium battery core, and the total number of samples.

additional knowledge: what is the lithium battery pack repair

lithium battery repair usually refers to the use of physical or chemical methods such as performance degradation or doesn't work the floorboard of the secondary rechargeable batteries for maintenance. Using repair can restore the capacity of the battery, prolong the service life of battery, improve the battery performance. Lead-acid battery repair method is more, have & other; Water treatment & throughout; “ Shallow circulation throughout large current charging method &; “ Nano carbon sol cell activator repair & throughout; “ Pulse battery repair instrument repair & throughout; “ Battery repair liquid repair & throughout; And so on.

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