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Lithium battery charging circuit design diagram

by:dcfpower     2021-03-04
With the development of information technology, portable electronic consumer products are becoming more and more popular, such as notebook computers, mobile phones, and digital cameras. Most of these portable electronic consumer products use lithium batteries as power sources, so lithium battery chargers are very popular in the market. A new type of smart lithium battery charger will be designed below. When designing this lithium battery charger, we need to pay attention to it. As a peripheral device of portable electronic consumer products, the charger must meet the requirements of small size, light weight, low heat, and easy portability. Therefore, the electronic components of the circuit should be as small as possible Of label-type components. The circuit diagram of the lithium battery pack charging circuit is shown in Figure 1, and the relevant information of the components used in the circuit is shown in Table 1. u003cpu003eFigure 1 charging circuitu003c/pu003eu003cpu003eTable 1 charging circuit component listu003c/pu003eDesignatorLib RefDescriptionFootprintCommentBT1BatteryMulticell BatteryBAT-2BatteryC1Cap SemiCapacitor(Semiconductor SIM Model)R2012-0805Cap SemiC2Cap SemiCapacitor(Semiconductor SIM Model) R2012-0805Cap SemiC3Cap SemiCapacitor(Semiconductor SIM Model)R2012-0805Cap SemiC4Cap SemiCapacitor(Semiconductor SIM Model)R2012-0805Cap SemiC5Cap SemiCapacitor(Semiconductor SIM Model)R2012-0805Cap SemiC6Cap SemiCapacitor(Semiconduct SemiPolarized SemiC7) R2012-0805Cap SemiC4Cap SemiCapacitor(Semiconductor SIM Model) cc4532-1812/X3.4Cap SemiD1TL431CLPProgrammable Precision ReferenceBCY-W3/D5.2TL431CLPDS1LED3Typical BLUE SiC LEDDSO-F2/D6.1REDDS2LED3Typical BLUE SiC LEDDSO-F2/D6.1GREENu003c/pu003e
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