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Lithium battery charging method, electric lithium battery charging method

by:dcfpower     2020-12-02

as battery electric vehicle & other Throughout the brain &; , and lithium batteries also gradually began to show Angle head with all sorts of superiority. But, if you want to increase their life, just make sure you understand how to properly charge! Some people feel that lithium battery charge when activated time must be more than 12 hours, rush in repeated 3 times, can also be activated, but in fact it is a very wrong idea, at the end of the day overcharge and over discharge are basic on lithium battery may be different degree of influence! That today we'll look at lithium battery charging method, electric lithium battery pack charging method.

lithium battery charging method

1, the first charging, guarantee in 5 - Six hours with can. Because of the high polymer lithium battery factory has not been used, has not experienced a charging and discharging, so the charging time is not suitable for long.

2, charging for the first time, don't let the high polymer lithium battery to completely shut down. In general situation, the new polymer lithium battery power consumption will not have a lot of, also won't too little, riding to the polymer lithium battery display battery under the condition of the grid, can be in the process of charging.

3, charging for the first time, select charging in broad daylight. Charging at night are more likely to produce excess charge phenomenon, damage the battery. And charging in broad daylight is easy to control the charging time, pay special attention to watch the time while charging.

4, if summer to polymer lithium battery charge for the first time, the charger is very likely to have fast heat, heat production is very high, so the charger don't in easy to fever burning items above, the personal advice and don't put in storage battery, on the base of in case of a fire.

5, under the condition of recharge, you can also choose deep discharge, then launch time is longer than the time of charging, a charging can also sustain 8 - this 9 and 10 hours, the purpose is to let the ternary polymer lithium battery charging cycle of oxidation reaction in time perfect.

polymer lithium battery pack correct reasonable battery charging methods:

1, polymer lithium battery pack batteries, battery chargers to avoid original special battery charger is selected, otherwise will directly affect or damage of polymer lithium battery.

2, polymer lithium battery to avoid as far as possible when the battery with a lot of way to slow filling method, the maximum to avoid flash charging, repeated charge and discharge will also directly affect the service life of polymer lithium battery pack.

3, up to 7 days don't safe use of electronic equipment, polymer lithium battery should be stable and safe use, after appropriate polymer lithium battery self-discharge current conditions.

4, lithium polymer batteries battery charging time period is not equal to a very long time, for common battery charger, when polymer lithium batteries shall immediately stop after the battery, otherwise polymer lithium battery will be affected by heat or high temperature performance directly influences the rechargeable batteries.

5, lithium polymer batteries battery charging is completed, the maximum to avoid high to 10 hour is put on the battery charger, such as a long time without use shall ensure that the electronic equipment and polymer lithium battery pack rechargeable battery.

electric lithium battery charging method

1, don't long deep filling, long charge is likely to cause excessive charging. or charger the battery full of basic it is automatically stopped after filling, no nickel electric charger is often said that the sustainability of 10 hours & other; A trickle & throughout; Charging. In other words, if your lithium battery, after full on the charger is Bai Chong.

2, don't overcharge discharge. Low voltage discharge or lithium ion decomposition of active material damage caused by self-discharge reaction will, doesn't mean can also restore. Any form of overcharge and lithium ion battery was badly damaged by basic it is will cause the battery performance, or even an explosion. Lithium-ion batteries in charging process necessary to avoid excessive on battery charging.

3, considering the lithium battery is to belong to without memory, customers to use the personal advice in a day or every time after riding can recharging the battery to carry out the regularity of the fill or electricity, it will greatly improve the life of the battery pack. Personal advice not to ride to the battery cannot be sent out every time electricity carried out again after charging, discharge more than nine hundred percent of the capacity of the battery pack is not recommended.

4, when the electric powered up, on a slope road, gravel road or severe weather conditions, personal advice customers when riding the same time use pedal booster, prompted the battery and motor has the longest life.

5, battery capacity is carried out in constant temperature at 25 ℃ measurement, so in winter, battery capacity play, as well as driving range is slightly lower is regarded as normal. Personal advice in winter, in the place of battery charging environment temperature is higher, can ensure the battery charge.

6, electric cars without riding or park, under the situation of individual advising clients to remove the battery and the connection of the electric plug, turn off the power supply or lock. Because the motor and controller can have power under no-load condition, avoid waste of electricity, please.

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