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Lithium battery energy density, lithium battery energy density

by:dcfpower     2020-11-07

it can be said that the energy density is at this stage of the development of lithium battery pack is bigger breakthrough. Whether it is a smart phone, or new energy electric vehicles, investors are full of expectation can also improve the energy density of the battery a new rate, prompted the battery life or range of products will not become the main factor of enterprise product hair.

what is the energy density

covers the kinetic energy of the unit volume, unit: the joule/m&sup 3; Kilojoules/m&sup 3; , megajoule/m&sup 3; M (dimensions, L ^ - 1) ( T^- 2) 。 In comparison with the weigh the battery is best choice, per unit volume of the storage battery capacity battery. Gas heat of combustion ( With the volume balance) Nature is the energy density.

the role of the lithium battery energy density

the average battery unit volume or the quality of the products of kinetic energy. Usually under the same volume, power energy density of lithium battery pack is nickel cadmium battery 2. Five times, it is 1 of nimh batteries. Eight times, so under the condition of the battery capacity is exactly the same, power lithium battery will be smaller than the volume of nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride batteries, total weight is lighter.

from lead-acid batteries, nickel cadmium battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium batteries to power and energy density has been in continuous improvement. But improve efficiency compared with the development of industrial enterprises scale efficiency, compared with human civilization for kinetic energy stage of market demand, has become too slow. That many people fully, the all-round development of human civilization has been stuck in & other; Battery & throughout; Here. Which year, I think, if can also build the world electric energy wireless data transmission, anywhere can & other; Wireless network & throughout; The kinetic energy ( Like a mobile signal) So that human civilization also won't have the battery, social and economic development naturally there would be no card on the battery.

how to continuously improve the method of lithium battery energy density

1. To improve the anode material of storage ( G storage)

there is a cap of the positive active material and cannot ascend without limit. In certain conditions, the positive active material total only maximum number of lithium ion from the anode, embedded thermal chemical reaction, can improve the energy density. So we hope can take off the embedded lithium ion compared to the positive active material is higher, the quality of the products share is higher than storage index.

2。 Increasing anode materials than storage

usually, anode materials than not power lithium battery energy storage density of major breakthrough, but if further improving the cathode than storage, represents the less of anode materials, by virtue of product quality can be room for a growing number of lithium ion, thus improve constantly improve the energy density of the target.

3。 Continuously improve the share of the positive active material

to improve the positive active material, mainly in order to better improve lithium share, in the same battery of chemical industrial mechanism, the composition of lithium ( Other necessary conditions don't change) , have the corresponding energy density also unceasingly to enhance. So under the certain volume and total weight limit, we hope that the positive active material, some more.

4。 Constantly improve the cathode active material of share

this is, in fact, in order to better cooperate with the ascension of the positive active material, but also more and more negative active material to downstream to lithium ion, stored kinetic energy. If the cathode active material is not enough, the extra lithium ion precipitation will accumulate in the cathode surface, rather than into the internal, often irreversible thermal chemical reaction and battery capacity attenuation coefficient.

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