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Lithium battery generation process is true or not, generation of lithium-ion batteries by spectrum?

by:dcfpower     2020-11-11

processing scheme lithium-ion batteries, lithium battery processing is that true? , is a kind of lithium metal or lithium alloy anode materials, the use of water battery electrolyte solution. Because of China into the global new energy electric vehicle sales market central, lithium battery now also gradually the mainstream. Sales market is big, the future development trend is good. So there are a lot of 'dirty' puzzle manufacturers to take this opportunity, what make, free shipping, increases with the increasing to learn creative advertisement, etc.

lithium battery processing scheme analysis

1. First of all, if it's good to sales, they have the equipment, why don't you control all of the profits, their sewing worker direct production and processing.

2。 Although lithium electricity sales market is big, but many lithium battery pack manufacturers, the market is very competitive, generally belong to the situation of oversupply, no joining publicity materials wrote the vast demand.

3。 Lithium batteries cost is relatively high, low labor productivity. Lithium chemistry is very lively, if treatment is not correct, in the process of processing and storage is relatively easy to explosion combustion, etc.

4。 production now have mandatory national standards requirements, the requirement of production process and product quality is high.

5。 Everything in a personal account to pay to join costs, equipment's overall belongs to fraud.

6。 No testing and other relevant formalities, pay the joining fee and commitment to recycling products is not realistic.

lithium battery generation process is that true?

is very strict to the analysis, the joining of the nature of fraud in the majority, it is not recommended to participate in, because of the joining of lithium battery devices are not usually present. If you want to join must field clearly, lithium battery assembly technology is relative to pass of professional learning and training. Many current sales equipment manufacturers can learn technology, only need to purchase related equipment and testing instruments and tools, and provide the lithium battery management procedures for testing, can own lithium battery assembly processing, there is no joining fees to pay. But the product quality and safety problems are two sharp sword.

lithium batteries from processing not credible reason one:

lithium battery production now have mandatory national standards requirements, the production process and test requirement is high, the market regulator may be door-to-door sampling the product quality, mill type manufacture is unable to guarantee the quality of products, there is the risk of market supervision bureau to ban.

processing lithium battery not credible reason two:

lithium batteries belong to dangerous goods, if the production processing and storage in the process of handling is not correct, is relatively easy to produce the problem such as explosion combustion, then lose everything aside, also can cause deaths and injuries.

processing lithium battery not credible reason 3:

now whether electric bicycles, electric tricycle lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion batteries or mobile power battery, in the pearl river delta urban agglomeration has the nearly thousand forms manufacturers, at least a glut on the market belongs to the basic situation, the competition is very fierce, didn't join in publicity materials written, broad market demand.

lithium battery pack processing not credible reason 4:

if the joining process, the manufacturer requires you to make a initial equipment fees cost to each other's private accounts, To open an account name not company name but personal name, even if the other side of the legal person or the names of the chief financial officer) , it basically belongs to the nature of the fraud.

buy processing equipment, production of lithium batteries at home, it's not practical. Well known, the lithium battery pack production process is very strict, if mishandled, during the processing and storage of explosion burn easily and so on. What's more, private production equipment is complete, and the experience are problems such as insufficient. Internet selling lithium battery pack production equipment is the subsequent assembly welding test equipment, not the raw material production equipment, if it is true.

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