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Lithium battery is to use batteries or standard voltage charging good fast

by:dcfpower     2020-10-09

consumer customers buy back after secondary rechargeable lithium battery back, don't know what is a method for charging, has always been, that today we battery small make up to answer questions about the lithium battery is to use fast better or standard voltage recharge batteries?

lithium battery pack charging standard:

is in order to avoid overcharge, many battery charger using low current. charging daily, is can withstand C / 10 or lower charge transfer rate, so the charging time to more than 10 h. Use small current charging, batteries do not form too much gas, within the battery temperature is not too high. If the battery is connected to a battery charger, low transfer rate constant current battery charger of battery supply smaller trickle charging current. Using a small current charging a battery, battery heat can be dispersed naturally.

this there is no good or bad, is entirely their own decision.

standard charging current is relatively small, normally so rechargeable battery when heat is small, only standard charge does not normally full of automatic stop, if not immediately take out, the same will cause the battery overcharge and damage to the battery. A short time after the rechargeable battery is very obvious to generate heat, then the system automatically stop charging, this a bit of a battery, only for many to full of automatic stop is also very important.

standard charge: small current charging, it is good for the battery prolong life, but the charging time is long, the majority is not full of the design of the automatic stop.

lithium battery fast charge:

large current charging and fast charging time short many, basically there will be full of the design of the automatic stop. Large current charging, have corresponding damage to the battery life-span. Own thought still charged: long time, with the design of the automatic stop can be worry. The price of the battery is not too high, can't use, change a new one. It does not hurt the battery standard, and no quick charge it will short time loss, capacitance just save it!

this is no good or bad, basically be to see your decision fast charging time long, and time is short, the other are no adverse effects.

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