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Lithium battery need a trickle charge? What is a trickle charge

by:dcfpower     2020-10-02

a trickle charging is used to save lithium battery when filled with electricity given the self-discharge rate and cause the capacitance of a loss. Normally safe use pulse power charge to complete the above is in order to compensate the self-discharge rate, keep the battery in the approximate charging status completely continuous small working current charge. Also known as charging system maintenance. Telecom broadband equipment, signal system of dc power supply system of storage battery, after the thorough charging more than in the trickle charging status, in order to discharge the safe use.

a trickle charging what is

a trickle charge: slight pulse charging power supply, ensure the battery really saturated, increase the battery life

smartphones lithium battery pack the whole process includes speed, intermittent charging and charging a trickle charge three links. In theory, in the first two stages, although the system displays the battery capacity by one thousand percent, but in fact the battery has not really achieve the critical state. At this moment excess capacitance can only rely on the subtle pulse power supplement, this link need 30 - normally 40 minutes. Three links are all completed, a battery to really do the good states of the power consumption of saturated.

if you use a trickle charging, charging immediately transfer rate will be more and more low, pulse charging method is more suitable for in the following scope, can according to own actual situation to use

lithium battery pack need a trickle charge?

in general lithium battery over time in the safe use of electricity is released, the working voltage slash, the chemical reaction of the battery specificity will, in turn, greatly reduced. Think in terms of protection of lithium battery life, standard lithium battery charging will normally after a trickle charge ( Low voltage prefi lled) Charging, constant current, constant voltage charging and stop charging and other four links.

a trickle charge used in lithium batteries for radical discharge unit completes the prefi lled ( Restorative charge) 。 Within less than 3 v battery voltage security use the trickle charging, a trickle charging current is one over ten of the constant current charging current is zero. 1c( At a constant charging current is 1 a, for example, is a trickle charging current is 100 ma) 。

three lithium-ion batteries charging method

1, when the charger is charger. Early often occurs in the touch screen mobile phone, every mobile phone maker, from the principle of protecting their own personal interests, usually with particular emphasis on original installation import mobile phone charger ( Contains data line) To power consumption equipment batteries, some manufacturer designed specifically for cable, and is not compatible with other mobile phone charger ( Contains data line) 。 Over time after time touch screen mobile phone and notebook computer application field is more and more widely, continue like this is obviously to blame, so now we basically unified standards, some kind of mobile phone chargers/line can give different brands and the power consumption equipment of the nature of the battery. Convenient for battery charge, consumers to pay more attention to a problem is as far as possible do it anytime and anywhere lithium electricity contains no problem with battery capacity. , no problem, when the battery capacity is too small a touch screen mobile phones and laptops are there will be a reminder, then you will have to immediately fill electricity, although low battery capacity is not so easy to produce safety accident directly, but excessive use, over time will become immediately for li-ion battery structure.

2, filled with can. cell internal structure is combined by many electronic components, new li-ion battery is better, if it is in a relatively long time, which is likely to function modules of the electronic components will soon become weak, so will change frequently overcharge safety concerns at once. Samsung mobile phones, the iPhone is to expose its most typical security incident, several cases are given electrical equipment owners put the cell phone battery of bedroom the head of a bed, you go to sleep at night after burning and explosion.

3, absolutely not engage. Small make up have experience, the battery while using the touch screen mobile phone, especially when playing games is very easy to feel mobile phone fever, principle is also very simple, a touch screen mobile phone is equivalent to working two jobs at the same time, it had to make it into super times the human cost, the body will naturally fever.

for lithium battery, good habits charging method will have great influence on the performance of its, rational charging method can be increased our lithium battery pack life, improve the effect of charging, can also reduce the security hidden danger of accident!

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