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Lithium battery number meaning and naming method

by:dcfpower     2021-03-19

There are two basic naming methods for lithium batteries: one is taken from the size of the battery, and the other is taken from the cathode material of the lithium battery. The two basic classifications of lithium battery naming methods start from the common aspects and have general characteristics. For example, the 26650 lithium battery is classified and named from the size, so it has a common shape, and its cathode material, performance and application fields are diversified.

The strict definition of 26650 lithium battery pack refers to the size of a single cell: 26mm in diameter and 65mm in height. The size of the appearance of this cylinder will be slightly different due to the actual production of various manufacturers, the so-called: tall, short, fat and thin, they are all called 26650. But this difference will not be very big, the diameter will not exceed 27mm, and the height will not exceed 66mm. The single cell with the support system is put into use, which is a 26650 lithium battery. If it is a combination of multiple lithium cells or lithium batteries, it is called a lithium battery pack. To be more precise, it is a 26650 lithium battery pack.

Like 18650 lithium batteries, 26650 lithium batteries can also use different cathode materials. According to the current market applications, there are basically 26650 ternary lithium batteries and 26650 lithium iron phosphate batteries. The difference is also the general difference between a ternary lithium battery and a lithium iron phosphate battery. The former has the advantage of high capacity and voltage platform, while the latter has the advantage of safety and high starting current. Combining with 26650 lithium battery pack is mostly used in the actual situation of equipment startup, so the main application is 26650 lithium iron phosphate battery, and this type of battery has obvious advantages in safety and price.

Many lithium battery manufacturers will produce 26650 lithium iron phosphate batteries. Although they have different shapes and battery material formula ratios, the basic parameters should comply with international standards. In order to have an image and general understanding of the 26650 lithium battery. The numerical meaning of the 26650 lithium battery is that the maximum size can be 26.4*65.8mm, the nominal capacity is 3000mAh, the nominal voltage is 3.2V, the charge-discharge cut-off voltage is 3.65V and 2.5V, the standard charge-discharge current is 1500mAh, and the maximum can be 1C. Charging and 1.5C discharging, working temperature is -10℃~+60℃.

26650 lithium iron phosphate battery has stable charge and discharge performance, high temperature resistance, and cycle life 3 times that of ternary materials. Because it can charge and discharge with high current, it is extremely useful for strong light flashlights, miner’s lamps, instruments, etc. Applicable, and this advantage makes it possible to develop to large-scale.

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