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Lithium battery pack design-principle and basic introduction

by:dcfpower     2021-03-18

About the design of the lithium battery pack pack, a brief description will be given below.

is composed of cathode and anode, which are separated and connected by electrolyte. The electrolyte conducts ions but is an insulator of electrons. In the charged state, the anode contains a high concentration of intercalated lithium, while the cathode contains lithium. During discharge, lithium ions leave the anode and migrate to the cathode through the electrolyte, while their associated electrons are collected by the current collector to be used to power electrical devices. The cell design and combination of modules and batteries are very different.

The electrodes in lithium batteries are always solid materials. The types of ions can be distinguished according to their electrolytes, which can be liquid, gel or solid components. Electrolytes in gel and solid-state batteries represent structural components and do not require additional protective plates to effectively separate electrodes and avoid short circuits. The shape can be cylindrical and prismatic. For high-energy and high-power applications such as transportation or stationary storage, many batteries are packaged in modules.

The special battery category is solid-state thin-film batteries. Thin-film batteries consist of only solid materials. The electrolyte is a solid ion glass or crystal, and the components are deposited by vapor deposition technology. This design offers the highest energy density, safety and tolerance for abuse, but it is only suitable for small devices for special applications and involves the most expensive production methods.

Okay, the above is all about the design of the lithium battery pack. For other information, please continue to visit the official website of Grignard Battery

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