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Lithium battery preconditioning method

by:dcfpower     2021-03-19

Preliminary production of lithium batteries can remove impurities: impurities include water, trace metal impurities, trace elements, etc.; the reaction potential of metals is relatively low, and the content is small, which requires the use of small current and voltage to determine; water removal can Removal by electrochemical decomposition;

Preliminary production of lithium batteries can form the SEI film; the formation of the SEI film has a lot to do with the electrolyte and the negative electrode, as well as the setting of the pretreatment.

To do a good job of battery preconditioning, you need to control some key points:

1, preconditioning current setting;

2, preconditioning voltage setting;

3, preconditioning temperature setting.

The specific analysis is as follows:

1. Current setting

The first step requires a very small current to determine whether there are metal impurities. You can do an experiment, add some metal powder to the positive electrode, and use a small current to charge it for a short time. It’s time to find that the voltage can’t go up. The specific setting depends on everyone’s wit;

The second step is mainly the initial formation of the SEI film. It is recommended to use a small current to pre-heat to about 30% of the capacity; when the SEI is stable, It is recommended to use a slightly larger current to pre-scale the capacity to about 60%;

2, voltage setting

Note that the voltage of different systems is different. If the voltage is too high, be careful that the interface is poor due to gas production, and the result is lithium evolution.

3. Temperature setting

If the temperature is low, the formed SEI film will be dense and the impedance will be high; the opposite is true.

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