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Lithium battery processing, deceptive, credible?

by:dcfpower     2020-10-01

joining manufacturing lithium battery pack to visit understand clearly, pay the joining fee is not reliable. Normally installed production and processing power lithium-ion battery pack only need to purchase the corresponding equipment and testing equipment can install on your own production and processing of lithium battery. Technology is relatively easier, a lot of new energy vehicles are made of lithium-ion batteries. Nowadays a lot of training technical sales equipment manufacturer, need to buy equipment, there is no joining fees to pay.

propaganda boasts a group of 48 v / 12 ah lithium battery pack pack can be 300 - Profits of 500 yuan, this is not possible, 48 v / 12 ah such as today to the ex-factory price of less than 600, factory mass production is impossible to have such a high profit, manual mill production how can have such a high profit, if really have such high profits, these manufacturers joining agent, why China merchants recruits to mass production themselves wouldn't it be better to make money?

to be honest, this kind of joining or not of the nature of participation. Second, the perspective-taking once, if it's good to sales, they have the equipment, why not recruit directly services manufacturing sewing worker, to master all the profits, why bother outgoing?

this kind of joining or the nature of the investment should be lithium battery PACK or the nature of the installation, because of low threshold, less input devices, as long as the simple case series parallel, easy to learn.

but we in shenzhen, dongguan, this a few places, such as lithium battery assembly, PACK, small and medium-sized, large-scale manufacturers, are everywhere, there are a lot of manufacturers business are relatively weak. And you produce this kind of simple mill processing plant, production and manufacturing, quality, management system is not sound, and lithium batteries belong to dangerous goods, the sales prospects is still not known, the second is if there is a safety accident, would be much trouble.

from the perspective of the propaganda of these merchants agent company, is a scam, no doubt, should be based on joining fee, low-cost equipment high fees and selling inferior raw materials to cheat money. Reasons are as follows:

lithium battery processing not credible reason one:

lithium battery production now have mandatory national standards requirements, the production process and test requirement is high, the market regulator may be door-to-door sampling the product quality, mill type manufacture is unable to guarantee the quality of products, there is the risk of market supervision bureau to ban.

lithium battery processing not credible reason two:

lithium batteries belong to dangerous goods, if the production processing and storage in the process of handling is not correct, is relatively easy to produce the problem such as explosion combustion, then lose everything aside, also can cause deaths and injuries.

lithium battery processing not credible reason 3:

now whether electric bicycles, electric tricycle lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion batteries or mobile power battery, in the pearl river delta urban agglomeration has the nearly thousand forms manufacturers, at least a glut on the market belongs to the basic situation, the competition is very fierce, didn't join in publicity materials written, broad market demand.

lithium battery processing not credible reason 4:

if the joining process, the manufacturer requires you to make a initial equipment fees cost to each other's private accounts, To open an account name not company name but personal name, even if the other side of the legal person or the names of the chief financial officer) , it basically belongs to the nature of the fraud.

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