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Lithium battery related manufacturing technology name

by:dcfpower     2021-03-06
Technical barriers: poor group application technology and battery pack charge and discharge management capabilities, short cycle life, and lack of core technology patents. Industrial barriers: battery costs are high, battery safety needs to be improved, manufacturing consistency issues, and standard systems are not perfect. Break through key technical constraints: battery management system, battery pack technology safety performance, consistency, and reliability. Raw material preparation: cathode material performance improvement technology, nanotechnology application, ionic liquid electrolyte, polyvinylidene fluoride preparation. Battery management system: state-of-charge SOC estimation technology, charge control technology, charge and discharge management technology, automatic balance technology. Battery performance test: cycle life test, charge and discharge performance test, battery application performance test. Battery industrialization: manufacturing consistency control technology, high energy density battery manufacturing technology, high power density battery manufacturing, battery recycling and regeneration. Build a power-type lithium battery pack industry chain: cathode materials, separators, electrolytes, lithium batteries and battery packs, and electric vehicles. u003c/pu003e
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