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Lithium battery solar street lamps order process

by:dcfpower     2020-10-25

lithium battery solar street lamps of environmental protection, energy conservation, energy conservation and emissions reduction, the use of the advantages of safe and reliable, and become a fad, municipal road lighting manufacturing market prospect is immeasurable. In different areas, such as urban areas or beautiful countryside, demand for lithium battery solar street lighting density is different, but according to the basic principle of lithium battery pack charge discharge solar street lamps, and its basic characteristics of lithium battery. According to the requirements of different key considerations, from the aspects of practical value and profitability that can choose a suitable regional demand corresponding capacity lithium battery with solar street lamps. Can look at our 12. 8 v80ah32650 solar street light energy storage battery lithium iron phosphate parameters in detail.

product number: 137 batteries models: 3. 2 32650 v 6000 mah lithium iron phosphate batteries 4 s13p

nominal voltage: 12. 8 v nominal capacity: 80 ah battery characteristics: high security, long life, high and low temperature high efficiency

it's batteries models: EPT3. 2 32650 v 6000 mah lithium iron phosphate batteries battery model it: 12. 8 v 80 ah 32650 lithium iron phosphate batteries 4 s13p

it's product size: T * W * H ( max) : 75 * 445 * 135 mm it's nominal voltage: 12. 8 v

it's nominal capacity: 80 ah, 0. Even though the battery 2 c discharge cut-off voltage: 14. 6 v

it's battery discharge cut-off voltage: 10. It's 0 v charging current: standard charge: 0. 1 c, quick charge: 0. 2 c

street lamp solar lithium battery custom description

1, understand the real needs of the product, just show the lithium ion battery specifications, performance requirements, the input and output requirements, functional requirements can be customized battery.

2, did not understand the real demand, the function of the need to achieve, run time, power products, appearance shape and so on to tell us.

3, customized lithium ion battery strongly recommend plus quality agreement of contract, warranty time, after-sales service time, etc.

4, time of delivery to the actual to the battery manufacturer given delivery time from the time of delivery or by mutual agreement shall prevail.

street lamp solar power lithium ion battery how many money?

it an actual depends on the 12 v lights solar power lithium ion battery, lithium battery LED lights solar energy also depends on how much the price of the lithium ion battery capacity, battery specification size, current size, etc. , and overall battery mainly according to your custom needs to calculate price, different price different Marine lithium battery, solar LED street lamp lithium ion battery capacity is larger at the same time, the price is higher, if the large ratio of lithium iron phosphate batteries, made of the street lamp solar lithium-ion batteries on the street with the price of the more expensive, so the lamp how much solar power lithium ion battery mainly the battery parameters configuration, are detailed material price, not disorderly offer.

high power special lithium battery custom very flexible solar street lamps, solar street light we use lithium battery manufacturers can according to your requirements to customize different voltage, different capacity of solar street lamps use lithium ion batteries, A new upgrade A product lithium ion battery, customized programs with lithium batteries flexible solar street lamps, lighting enough time, you just in need of our professional.

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