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Lithium battery specially used for solar street lamps, solar energy lamp is special battery manufacturers

by:dcfpower     2020-11-16

so far on trade market mostly use lithium battery solar street lamps, solar special lithium battery can also plugins on the back of solar panels, and do not use the digging foundation installation. specially used for solar street lamps, makes our life more convenient, so today we small make up take you look at the special lithium battery solar street lamps, solar energy lamp special lithium battery manufacturer.

solar street lamps special lithium batteries

1. Solar street lamps application range

in solar-powered lighting lighting, ecological landscape, warnings or safety device, and monitoring facilities, etc all can use this power supply. Control mode: A, pure electric; B, electric + control; C, electric control delay +.

2。 Solar street light is greater than the energy density, high capacity batteries battery light

product chooses high performance lithium batteries as energy storage unit. Unit volume energy density is significantly higher than other common batteries, which have the characteristics of small size light weight. The constant current type: the output voltage is 11 ~ 12. 5 v, the battery voltage ( Apply to the constant current load) 。

3。 Intelligent automatic control in the process of charging and discharging

single chip design and special software, completed the charging and discharging process of the intelligent automatic control. Type A and constant current output voltage: : DC - 12~60V( For the LED - 3 ~ 18 string) , the system voltage: DC - 12V( The internal battery voltage)

4。 Reasonable charge and discharge circuit design, high service life

the equalization charging and discharging circuit, can make the battery pack all batteries can use, but also avoid the overcharge discharge, prolong the service life. Output current: 0. More than 15 ~ 2 a, * can be divided into five period of each control ( Power & le; 60 w)

5。 Can also set up different power discharge mode, to meet different user requirements

advanced PWM technique, the control part of efficiency up to nine hundred and fifty percent and above. Also can according to customer requirements set many different power during discharge mode. * limit to complete the energy-saving. Capacity: 20 ah30ah40ah50ah

here's our lithium battery 12 solar street lamps. 8 v60ah32650 solar street light energy storage battery lithium iron phosphate specification

product number: 137 batteries models: 3. 2 4 s10p v6000mah32650 lithium iron phosphate battery, battery characteristics: high security, long service life, high and low temperature high efficiency

it's product size: T * W * H ( max) :75*350*135mm。 Nominal voltage: 12. 8V。 Nominal capacity: 60 ah, 0. 2 c discharge

it's initial resistance: & le; 160mΩ。 Battery charge cut-off voltage: 14. 6V。 The battery discharge cut-off voltage: 10. 0 v

it's charging current: standard charge: 0. 1 c, quick charge: 0. 2C。 Working environment: charging: 10 ℃ ~ 45 ℃, discharge: - 35 ~ 10 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃, 85% RH

it's product features: high security, long service life, high and low temperature, high efficiency. Areas of application: solar energy lamp energy storage battery. Lithium electricity protection, overcharge protection, discharge protection, over-current protection, discharge put

solar lamp battery manufacturer

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