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Lithium battery test standard, lithium battery production: why do you want to do the test

by:dcfpower     2020-10-09

since lithium-ion batteries on the market today, with the use of its special performance into a battery is a leader in cutting-edge technology, short time in the production of lithium battery electrolyte throughout the process, there are a lot of things are sure to strictly regulate, one is the dust concentration, 2 it is metal material particles, three is the moisture content. Is associated with its use of region growing and the volume of a battery energy density is becoming more and more high, the electric capacity is more and more big, the lithium battery safety problem has become more and more attention by consumers, so let's look at lithium battery test standard, why want to do the test when lithium battery pack production.

lithium battery test standard should have the following

1. Electrical test: a battery, a release of energy, fault surface, the mandatory release electricity, etc.

2。 Battery safety performance indicators: thermal impact, batteries, fault, falling impact, over charging protection, over release electricity protection, over-current protection, etc.

3。 Environmental adaptability test: stable warm performance, mechanical vibration, impact, such as free falling

4. Machine test: crush, acupuncture, the impact, mechanical vibration, falling, etc.

5。 Thermal test: high and low temperature test cycle, burning, microwave, etc.

6。 Environmental simulation: high pressure low simulation, salt fog test, etc.

7。 The capacity performance index is 0. 2 c5a release electricity use performance, 1 c5a release electricity use performance, continuous high temperature performance, ultra-low temperature performance, charged to maintain capacity, cycle life, storage etc.

why do lithium battery pack production test

overall, many bad factors, Such as excess moisture content, moisture content, the excess, dust concentration) Can also cause the cycle of the battery performance and safety coefficient of the greatly reduced. In order to better protect battery safety coefficient, hidden substandard battery, prevent battery major security the cause of the accident. for the product & other; Late, the integrity of the product, product quality and safety of maintenance cost & throughout; Has more important provisions, its product quality to better safeguard, therefore the detection problem of lithium-ion batteries more crucial.

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