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Lithium battery, the correct way of using the cell phone lithium battery correct use methods for the first time

by:dcfpower     2020-10-16

use lithium battery safety is becoming more common, causing much attention has been paid to the correct way of using the lithium battery. We are not the same as lithium-ion batteries, generally have different lithium batteries right using method, this is we have no way to in the short term in all aspects of the root cause of mastering correct use lithium battery. To help people correctly understand the lithium battery charging methods, this article bring cell phone lithium battery charging methods correctly, to meet with us.

cell phone lithium battery activation opened and correct way for the first time

phone new lithium battery charging activation opened for the first time, do not need special way method, can according to actual situation of the battery capacity use judgment, assuming that start the battery capacity is less than two hundred percent, personal advice before charging and safe use, assuming that start the battery capacity is more than two hundred percent, can charge can also be when rechargeable battery capacity drops to two hundred percent. Can remove the charger power supply.

lithium ion battery does not have a nickel cadmium battery memory effect, and activate in the original factory has already been opened, so can use at any time in the daily work on demand for lithium ion batteries. But in order to effectively increase the battery life and life, must pay special attention to the following questions when charging and activate the opening and correct way for the first time.

the correct way of using the lithium battery

1. The first 3 minor charge 12 hours? Is 12 hours do not need to be in charge of mobile phone lithium battery pack can conduct a trickle charge, achieve perfect state of battery, lithium ion battery voltage stabilizing circuit constant voltage charging characteristics more is to determine its deep charging time don't need 12 hours.

2。 As far as possible to protect mobile phone is the latest version of the operating system of the operation of the machinery and equipment of new system generally include better energy-saving equipment.

3。 Prevent the working environment temperature is higher than 35 & deg; C management place to carry out the charge, or is likely to be permanent damage of lithium battery storage. Storage battery under sustained high temperature environment is also very likely to lead to can't save.

4。 Charge when it is best to remove the mobile phone cases, to avoid cell phone in charging operation process caused by cases of blocking more and more heat.

5。 Long time not to use mobile phone, don't carry out full charge or discharge completely, keep the appearance of the battery capacity is five hundred percent, turn off the power master switch air and stored in ventilated dry place.

6。 Cell phone lithium battery activation safe use there is no best, usually in the cycle frequency between one hundred ~ two hundred to achieve its maximum storage, the storage performance is to use a little time, there will be no signs of storage capacity continues to rise.

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